Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday Things - Cooler Weather, Yard Work, The Full Moon, and Night Things

It's a beautiful Thursday afternoon here in southwest Missouri. The sun is shining and it's a cool 60 degrees...which is absolutely perfect for working outside. 

I got most of the front yard weed-eated yesterday (hopefully for the last time this year) and mowed down all but four of my iris beds. Due to my aching rib I had to quit before I was done, but I hope to finish it up before nightfall this evening.

Have you seen the full Hunter's Moon? It reached its full capacity yesterday, but will appear full another night or two. If you've not seen it, there's still time. It's gorgeous!

My Firepit

The past couple of nights I've built a fire in the fire pit and enjoyed sitting outside observing the transition from late evening to full night. I love seeing the trees across the way silhouetted against the sky as the colors fade from brilliant shades of red, orange, purple, and gold into ever-deepening shades of gray as the sun slips slowly below the western horizon giving way to darkness from the east. 

Across the Way to the West

As the transition takes place a stillness settles over our little community. At first I can hear voices as neighbors finish up their daytime activities and pull in for the coming night. Then, the crickets begin to sing. 

Not My Video, Nor My Crickets, But Very
Similar To The Sounds That I Hear

Overhead a lone pair of geese honk and chatter to one another as they quickly make their way across the darkening sky above me. I wonder if they will spend the night at a nearby farm pond or will fly on through the night trying to reach a destination unbeknownced to me, but ordinally directed to them by their Creator. 

As darkness continues to fall, I turn to see that great and full Hunter's Moon as it rises in the east. I see its glimmering light shimmering through the barer-today-than-they-were-yesterday trees behind me. 

Not My Video, Nor My Fire, But Very
Similar In Sound To My Experience

Shadows lengthen and distort, and sparks fly upward and away disappearing into the night, as the fire leaps higher playing merrily in the firepit. I sit and think. I wonder about one thing, then another. I pray and talk to God. I miss my husband and wish he was here. How he would enjoy doing this very thing! 

John and I - October 24, 2018

Soon I hear a night noise that I don't recognize and something runs hard behind me. It fairly brushes the back of the chair that I'm sitting in. Was that the doe that crosses my yard on occasion? If so, where are the twin fawns that often accompany her?

I'm not sure that what I heard (or felt run past me) was a deer. If not, then what was it? 😳

Okay...that's it! I'm done! I stand up, grab my folding lawn-chair, and head for the house. It was enjoyable and I'm sure I'll do it again (maybe even tonight), but, for now, I'm done!

I go in the house and get started on work that should have been done hours ago. 

Later, I step outside one more time just to see that beautiful full moon, high in the sky, reflecting brightly, illuminating everything within reach of it's gentle moonbeams. 

The Full Hunter's Moon

The stillness and beauty of the night, along with the overwhelming goodness of God, prompts me to whisper a prayer of thanksgiving. His love for us is so great; His blessings are many. My heart is so full that I can barely contain the emotion that floods my soul. What a grand and glorious God we serve!!!

Until next time...

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  1. Such a lovely post. I wish we had a fire pit - your description of sitting outside as evening turns to night is lovely. Hope your week is going well. I will be back to visit again soon.

    1. Thanks, Deb! To make our firepit we just laid a brick ring about three-feet across and dug the center down to the dirt. Then, we stacked native sandstone rocks on top of the bricks, two to three layers deep. We already had the bricks and we picked up the rocks around the place and along gravel roads. It essentially cost us nothing and it's served us well for several years. I hope your week is going well, too, and I'll see you again soon. Blessings, Sweet Lady!

  2. A great Fall post I will be lighting my fire pit this weekend to enjoy natures bounty.

    1. Did you light your firepit over the weekend, Lisa? We had rain here on Saturday. I tried to get a fire going Saturday and ended up with nothing but smoke. I finally gave it up and came inside. Hope you got to enjoy a fire on your end. Blessings!


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