Monday, January 10, 2022

This Week's Menu Plan

Greetings, Dear One! It's Monday! 💗

I'm headed for work this morning and am running short on time, so I'm going to keep it simple and just share this week's menu plan. 

I'm on Day 10 of the 21-Day Salad Challenge, so salads will remain aa a definite daily feature.

Here my plans for the week...

Breakfast ideas - 

- THM pancakes with blueberries, Triple 0 yogurt, and sugar-free syrup
- oatmeal with Triple 0 yogurt and/or toast
- banana oat-bran muffin with Triple 0 yogurt
- sausage, eggs, and toast 
- French-toast with sugar-free syrup
- cinnamon-apple toast with Triple 0 yogurt
- cottage cheese on toast with fresh fruit

Lunch ideas - 

- salad
- soup and sandwich
- black bean and cheese tostadas
- sandwich and chips
- out

Supper menu plan for the week...

Monday - Chicken and wild rice soup with toasted Ezekiel bread and salad
Tuesday - Broccoli, cheese, and rice casserole with oven roasted carrots
Wednesday - Pasta, sauce, Italian sausage, salad, and homemade French bread or homemade pizza and salad
Thursday - Broiled salmon, baked sweet potato, and sautéed spinach
Friday - Out 
Saturday - Breakfast for supper (French toast or sausage, eggs, and fried potatoes)
Sunday - leftovers

Well...that's it for now! You have a nice day and a great week ahead and I'll be with you again soon!

Until next time...

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