Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday Things - A Broken Camera, TikTok, Garden Seed, and More

It's a beautiful Thursday here on the tallgrass prairie of southwest Missouri. The sun is shining and it's 38 degrees right now; a high of 42 is expected.

It's been a good week. I had planned on getting back to deep cleaning the sunroom and livingroom, but, the truth is, I've kept busy with other things and just haven't made it back to it yet. 

I really don't have any pictures to share this week. My camera rolled off the seat of my car when I made a sudden stop the other day (deer) and broke. At first it was just a crack in the viewing screen, but later other things started messing up and it finally gave up the ghost and died. My son helped me find a nice, refurbished Nikon at a reasonable price online and it is supposed to arrive today. I can hardly wait!

I have been greatly encouraged, by several people, to do more with my photography, so, this week, after the new camera arrives, and I figure out what I'm doing with it, my plan is to see what I can do with it keeping all that in mind. 

I started a TikTok account this week. I plan on posting fun videos of the bison and maybe even make some short educational-type videos of life on the tallgrass prairie to post there. Feel free to add or follow me if you'd like. My user name is heartoftheprairie.

I am so ready for spring! I got out the Baker Creek catalog yesterday and placed an order for garden seed. Items selected include seed for basil, green beans, white scalloped squash, zucchini, butternut squash, pie pumpkin, crookneck golden squash, a variety of sunflowers, sweet corn, and Hopi Turquoise Corn. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! 

Hopi Turquois Corn

Well, I better be going. I'm headed to Lamar to take a load of stuff to the recycle center and go grocery shopping. I hope that you're having a nice day and that your week is going well.

Until next time...

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