Monday, April 25, 2022

Master To-Do List and Menu Plan Monday - April 25, 2022

Good morning! It's the last Monday of April and 2022 is movin' on! 

View From The Top of an Arkansas Mountaintop

How was your week and weekend? My week here was great!!!

The first part of the week was quiet. I worked around the house cleaning, doing laundry, etc. and sorted through my closet exchanging winter clothes for summer. 

I got quite a few things planted in the garden...corn, green beans, onions, several kinds of squash (zucchini, white scalloped, butternut), and pumpkin. This was mostly seed and sets. I've got lots of plants to set out, but it's still a bit too chilly to take a chance. 

I planted zinnias along the entire length of the north edge of the garden. My goal is to raise enough flowers to keep the butterflies happy and me in pretty bouquets all summer long.

On Thursday I went with Patrick and Amber and their family on an overnight getaway to Tulsa. It was a short trip, but, man! We crammed a lot of good stuff in!

On the way down we visited the Joseph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve at Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The state park that I work at here in Missouri has just under 4,000 acres of tallgrass prairie with 2,500 of them being open to approximately 60 bison; it is the largest piece of tallgrass prairie left in Missouri. The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma has 2,500+ bison running on 40,000 acres of tallgrass prairie; it is the largest piece of tallgrass prairie left in the world. It was amazing!!! Bison, bison everywhere, but no babies. When we got home I saw a post on their Facebook page that said four had been spotted on the preserve over the weekend. 

Our next stop was at the Voice of the Martyrs headquarters at Bartlesville. I plan on doing a full post on that and will share more later.

After arriving at Tulsa we settled into our accommodations, ate supper, then headed to Flashpoint Live at ORU. With over 12,000 people in attendance it was the single largest Christian/political event that I've ever been a part of in my life. It was incredible and we were blessed to have been there. 

Flashpoint Live With Mario, Hank, Lance, and Gene

On our way back to the hotel that night we visited the pedestrian bridge that crossed the Arkansas River at Jenks. After breakfast the next morning we visited it again. Night or day, it was absolutely beautiful and we were surprised at the variety of animals we witnessed from its deck. There were cliff swallows, Canada geese, mallard ducks, several kinds of turtles, even an American bald eagle! 

We followed a good portion of Route 66 on our way across northeast Oklahoma.

We even discovered and made an unexpected stop at the Blue Whale. Turns out that it is a popular site along the old, historic route. 

We had supper at a 1950's diner...

...then we headed into Arkansas to visit friends of Patrick and Amber's before heading back to Missouri and home. With the redbud and dogwood trees in bloom springtime in northwest Arkansas is beautiful! 

Saturday morning Tony and I ran out to the Amish greenhouse. Like I didn't have enough flower and vegetable plants needing to go in the ground already, I ended up bringing home more. If everything produces, I should be set for the summer on fresh vegetables and so should everyone I know. LOL! 

The hummers are back! Saw the first one of the year yesterday afternoon. What a delight!

Now, here we are, back around to Monday. Let's take a look at the week ahead...shall we?

This week's master to-do list...

- clean house
- start my spring cleaning list
- do laundry
- clean out the herb wheel and get planted
- set garden plants out daily to harden off before planting in garden
- transplant flowers into hanging baskets
- run errands
- get together with dil over breakfast
- make and distribute May baskets to family and friends
- work 

A Bison of a Different Color in Pawhuska

This week's menu plan includes...

Monday - Chicken ranch salad with matzo bread
Tuesday - Broiled salmon, baked sweet potato, sautéed spinach, and fresh asparagus
Wednesday - Turkey breakfast patty with fried potatoes, peppers, and onions
Thursday - Pasta with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread
Friday - Turkey breast cutlet with mashed potatoes, fried cabbage, and fresh beets
Saturday - Bison roast with potato (baked or mashed) and oven roasted carrots
Sunday - Leftovers

Bison Like This Were Everywhere in Pawhuska

Well, that's it for today! You have a nice day and a great week ahead and I'll be with you again soon!

Until next time...

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