Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Extreme Heat and A Call to Prayer

"Extreme heat is sweeping the country right now with many areas of the U.S. facing temperatures that could feel like 115 degrees with heat and humidity on Tuesday.

As temperatures are heating up from coast to coast, 60 million people are expected to face temperatures in the triple digits in the coming days.

"We have never put a forecast out quite like this," reporter chief meteorologist Travis Herzog on KTRK-TV Houston.
For the first time ever, the Houston forecast predicts 10 days straight of 100 degrees or higher temperatures, and Dallas is on track to break heat records.

"We'll be up around 108, 109, and the record high as it stands 110," said Meteorologist Greg Fields of WFAA Dallas.

Texans are being asked to conserve electricity and water with looming concerns over the power grid's ability to handle the high demand during the high heat."

I'm seeing a lot of reports like this one from CBN and the situation is getting serious. As if things aren't bad enough already (skyrocketing food and fuel prices and the economy in general), if the areas of the U.S.A. that need rain don't get it soon, we are all going to be in trouble in the way of even higher food prices, food shortages, and things that most of us cannot even imagine at this point.

I am asking every single born-again Christian reading this post right now to stop and earnestly pray for rain and a break in these extreme temperatures. Pray over those that have to be out in it (people and animals alike) and do what you can to alleviate suffering in your immediate area. Purchase an extra case or two of bottled water and offer a bottle to those you see along the way that are out working in the heat. Put out fresh water daily for the birds and other animals that pass through your yard or neighborhood.

Call and check on elderly neighbors and, if you know of someone that doesn't have a fan or air-conditioning, do what you can to help. If you can't help, contact someone who can (area churches, housing and utility agencies, law enforcement, etc.) Someone out there will know how to contact the proper people to get help to those in need. Things are getting crazy out there, folks! It's time to come together and start looking out for one another again.

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