Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits

It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm ready to settle down with a cup of tea.

Fiona is at the vet's. I had to have her there at 7:30 this morning and it's a little bit of a drive, so it was an early morning after little sleep. I felt sorry for her. She couldn't have anything to eat or drink after 8:00 last night, so she yowled all night long in an attempt to get my attention and let me know that her food and water was missing. Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep, but the kittens were oblivious. Their turn to take a trip to the vet will come in September.

Later in the afternoon...

I just got home from picking Fiona up from the vet's. They said she did well, but she's still pretty loopy from the anesthetic. She wobbled and swayed as she made her way to the back porch where she is now resting. I've got the door fixed where the kittens can't get to her right now because they're almost as big as she is and they're rough!

Praise! Buddy got out of the hospital yesterday and is home on a pick line. He will have to go for daily infusions for, like, ten days, and still has a ways to go before being fully recovered, but praise God he is alive, home, and getting better. All of this resulted from a brown recluse bite. He and Christy have a baby due today, so, please, keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.

Amanda is doing better. In fact, she and her family are on their way down now to spend the night at Patrick and Amber's, but she can't be on her leg for extended periods of time, so she won't be able to return to work until next week. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, too, and thank you so much!

I worked up, I don't know how many, yellow and zucchini squash yesterday. I cubed the crookneck, grated the zucchini, and popped them all in the freezer to use in recipes at a later date. I still have a couple of zucchinis and several patty pans to use up fresh, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I made zucchini cakes last night for supper (they're kind of like potato pancakes) and they were delicious!

Well, I need to be going. I've been working on this post in bits and pieces all afternoon. Amanda and Aaron and the girls should be at Amber's soon, so, if Fiona is doing okay, I will be heading over there shortly. 

Until next time...

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