Monday, September 26, 2022

Master To Do List and Menu Plan Monday - September 26, 2022

Good morning! Happy First Monday of Autumn 2022! 🍁

Here on the tallgrass prairie of southwest Missouri, big bluestem has reached its full potential and Indian grass, with its poofy plume, is headed out in full array. Fiery red sumac, yellow goldenrods, blue sage, and white and purple asters dot the prairie landscape, and we're right smack-dab in the middle of the monarch butterfly migration fly zone. The autumn season is in full swing!

Monarch Butterfly on Native Thistle

It was a cool 47 degrees when I got up this morning and the week ahead looks to be absolutely gorgeous! Suddenly, however, there is an urgency to get the house weatherized and preparations made, because winter weather could be here much sooner than we think! 

Rough Blazing Star

This past week has been super busy. The kittens took a trip to the vet on Tuesday to get spayed and neutered. The first night was pretty rough, especially on the little girl kitty, but, after that, they were back to their normal selves in no time and both are doing quite well.

My Sweet Tiger-Girl

The rest of the week was consumed with taking care of things on the home front, dealing with one minor emergency after another, and getting ready for Prairie Jubilee at work. Prairie Jubilee is Prairie State Park's premier celebration of the tallgrass prairie and is normally held every two years. However, due to COVID, the event was cancelled in 2020, so this was the first Jubilee to be held in four years. Other than being a little warm, it was a beautiful day on the tallgrass prairie and a good time was enjoyed by all. 

Let's get started this morning on this week's post and take a look at the week ahead...shall we?

This week's master to do list...

- clean house
- do laundry
- deep clean the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway
- schedule an appointment with the mechanic to get an oil change and general check-up before winter
- weed eat and mow
- start cleaning shed 
- go shopping
- have tires rotated and balanced
- get new windshield wiper blades put on
- get together with family and friends
- answer a few letters
- work on articles for the 2022 Christmas Chronical (an annual family publication)
- work on fall and Christmas photography ideas and projects
- figure October budget and bills

Purple Aster

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Chicken ranch salad and breadsticks
Tuesday - Stuffed pepper casserole and brussels sprouts 
Wednesday - Curry chicken over brown rice with salad
Thursday - Soup, salad, and homemade French bread
Friday - Turkey burger and oven fries
Saturday - Out
Sunday - Leftovers

Well, that's it for today. I hope your day is off to a lovely start and that the week ahead is a great one!

Until next time...

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  1. Our nights have been cooling off as well. I know I'm behind on bringing my indoor plants inside. Glad your kittens are doing well. Hope you have a wonderful week!


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