Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cooking With Cast Iron

I have always loved cooking with cast iron and use my cast iron skillets every day. It's a trait and a skill that I inherited from my mother. Yesterday, while sitting in the waiting room of Silas's prosthetic doctor in Joplin, I had the good fortune of stumbling across the following article in an old issue of Martha Stewart's LIVING magazine:

Shaping History: Vintage Cast-Iron Baking Pan

It prompted me to get out my own "vintage" reproductions and try them again with fresh-gained knowledge on how to use them properly to get the best results. That resulted in these little beauties...

Mini-Ears of Corn and Hearts Made in Cast-Iron Baking Pans

Heart-shaped Corn Bread


  1. My grandmother used cast iron pans for all of her cooking. I remember that she also had the ear of corn pan. I don't know what happened to that pan after she passed but I would love to have it today. Such sweet memories from a little pan.:)

  2. Am glad to hear that my little cast-iron baking pans brought back some sweet memories for you. Thanks for posting!


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