Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Morning, Dear Friends,

This past week has been a long one full of stress (both good and bad) and I can't help but feel rather anxious about it all at times.

Fortunately, though I struggle constantly with not knowing what to do about, or how to handle, one situation or another, I know the One Who does...the One who will lead, guide, and direct my path if I will only settle down and allow Him to do it. Unfortunately, at times, this becomes rather difficult for me and it's my own doing. Things happen and instead of immediately running to the Word and the safety and protection of my Heavenly Father's arms, I start stressing and worrying over things in the natural which I have no control. In doing so, I only give place to the devil and, in no time, my whole world is out of control.

While I don't have many of those "older women" that Titus 2 talks about in real life I am so very thankful for all the lovely sites for women that I have found over the years and for the comfort that they have provided in times of trouble. Time Warp Wife, Holy Experience, and Above Rubies especially have all lent comfort to my troubled soul in recent days as they continually calm my spirit and point me toward the One Who gave Himself for me...the One Who has already paid the price...the One Who loves me so. If it weren't for JESUS where would I be?

In the days ahead it is my goal to cling ever tighter to my stay in His Word...and to trust Him at every turn. In recent days we've had some real eye-opening experiences as to just how fragile...this life really is. It is what I do (the choices I make) TODAY that matters and THAT in accordance to God's Holy Word...NOT according to the world's standard.

The Lord...HE is my refuge and my strength...a very present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1) and it is upon Him I will depend!

I pray that each and every one of you all have a wonderful weekend full of God's many blessings!

In Him and With All My Love,

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