Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good SATURDAY Morning!

Good Morning, Dear Friends!

And welcome to my new (and hopefully improved)  HEARTH AND HOME! I've had nothing but trouble with the original site since first starting it. My followers have never shown up and, here lately, I've had a lot of complaints from people trying to leave comments without success. So, thus, the reason for going at it from another angle.

I've got so much to many changes that are taking place within my feminine heart, soul, and spirit...that it's hard to know where to start...and, to be honest, I don't know that there are words to express all that the Lord is doing within me right now, so, for now, perhaps it is best not to try...just let things rest until the words (and actions) have formed. That's one of my problems! In my zeal I always run out ahead of the Lord and, to my detriment and His, a lot is lost along the way and precious moments and life-lessons are lost forever.

I will tell you all this though. My husband and son and I are getting ready to share our first Shabbet meal together tonight. I first read about Shabbat in an old issue of ABOVE RUBIES magazine and, the first time I read it, I thought, "Oh! This is crazy!!! These people are so legalistic!" LOL! (And, from what Nancy Campbell writes, the first time she read about it, she must have thought similar thoughts herself!) Anyway, a few years later I read something about it in one of Nancy's writings and I thought, "I guess it's okay for them, but...for me? Not a chance!" (It was somewhere in there about that time that my dear husband expressed interest in doing such a thing, but I just didn't get it at all!) The third time I read about the Shabbat meal I was a little more interested, and, finally! On my fourth go-around something clicked! I have spent the last week planning and preparing for our first Shabbet meal together and I am so excited! The day is finally here! Now! To get started preparing and putting my plans into action! I look forward to tonight's meal, as does my husband and son. I will share more later as to how it goes.

Now, for those of you who are asking, "What on earth is SHABBAT?" I am including the links to three beautiful articles shared by Nancy Campbell of ABOVE RUBIES where she shares, not only the beauty of what Shabbat is, but how their family has celebrated it for years (and why they celebrate it) and ideas on how you and your family can celebrate this special meal to bring blessings down upon your own home, family, and marriage. Here are the links to the articles:




For those of you who ask, "Isn't Shabbat a Jewish celebration?" Yes, it is. We're not Jewish, but Jesus was, and, being that we are engrafted in Him, we are free to "...keep the feast..."...not because we have to, but, rather, because we choose to.

I will let you know how our first Shabbat meal goes after it is over. Until then, have a beautiful Saturday, and enjoy the many blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon you!

All My Love,


  1. Can't wait to hear how it goes! Have a great day my friend. Love ya

  2. Thanks, Carla! And thanks for your every constant love and support. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. THANK YOU!


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