Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Picks - 6/2/12

It's been another interesting week of beautiful finds on the internet. I think you'll like what I've come up with for you this week!

1) How about this beautiful fairy cake from Homestead Survival? Isn't this absolutely delightful? I love it!

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2) You can clean your home and create a healthy environment by using essential oils instead of harsh chemicals. Learn more by reading this article from Harmony Home Cleaning...

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3) Looking to buy local hens, chicks, or eggs? Check out Local Hens a place that helps you do just that!

My Own Flock From A Couple Of Years Ago

4) Speaking of eggs...

    Have a surplus? Fresh Eggs Daily offers a variety of ideas on freezing and using them!

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5) Make the world's easiest boiled eggs using a great method from Mom on a Mission.

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6) How about a complete guide to freezing berries from Pick Your Own?

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I hope you enjoy this week's finds. Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. I so can not wait till mine start laying :)


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