Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Review: THE THUNDER - A NOVEL ON JOHN KNOX by Douglas Bond

The Thunder by Douglas Bond
Douglas Bond is one of the favorite authors in this home, and has been since, shortly after discovering our own Scottish roots, we discovered and read his Crown & Covenant Trilogy, followed by his Faith & Freedom Trilogy.

In preparation for our upcoming 5th Annual 'Night Of Reformation' get-together, I just finished reading (make that devouring) Mr. Bond's latest book, The Thunder - A Novel About John Knox and, I must say, Douglas Bond has done it again! The Thunder is one of the best books that I have read yet, and through it's pages I was spiritually humbled and challenged.

In the book Mr. Bond tells the incredible story of God's grace in the life of John Knox and the struggle for Reformation in Scotland. In the words of one of the books endorsers, The Thunder is "...historically informative and spiritually inspiring, as well as highly enjoyable and fast-paced..." It's pages tell the life story of a man filled with the love of Christ and made courageous by his faith in God's Word. I suggest that believing families everywhere read this book and read it together (aloud) as The Thunder is a deeply spiritual novel that is sure to stir the heart and faith of anyone who longs to see God's Word triumph in our world today.

In addition to this latest book, Mr. Bond has something else going on that is very exciting, indeed, and I would like to share it with you here...

In celebration of John Knox's 500th birthday, Douglas Bond is hosting a John Knox @ 500 Tour of Scotland and northern England in the summer of 2014! While this is something that my own John Knox and I would love to go on, it is also something that finances simply would not allow, BUT I know that there are others out there (especially among homeschooling families) that might be interested and able, so I am passing this along. If you are interested in finding out more, just click HERE!


  1. I appreciate your review here. My 11 yo son and I have been doing an in depth study of the Reformation. We are getting through the book Betrayal by Douglas Bond, and didn't do super well with his book about Tyndale as they are a bit deep for a son who is 11. I had considered getting the Audio book of the book you have reviewed here so that I could work on more hands on activities with my son. I have only him to home school, and while we read through lighter books as a family sometimes his father isn't super interested by the deeper theological subjects or books for read aloud. I'm trying to take the time while I can to get the best books on godly manhood read to my son, as he will follow along while I am reading, but is still learning to spend time reading to himself the chapter books. He really related well to the Crown and Covenant books, which we discovered through Grace & Truth books at a home school conference, and I am curious about developing a more Christ focused (church history too) while still teaching history book reading list for the period of the Exploration. I create my own unit studies, but then don't get enough hands on activities or read for too long to my son. I want him to remain excited, and hungering for learning. I'm sorry this is long. The face of home schooling is changing, and finding home school families with a vision for discipleship hasn't been as common to find as in my earlier home school years.

    1. Hello, Lori! I'm so glad that you not only found, and took the time to read the review, but to leave a comment, as well. Thank you! As for reading deeper books with your 11-year-old, keep in mind...and this was one of our mottos during the 26 years that we homeschooled our own children (6 of them and now 16 of our 18 grands are being homeschooled...praise the Lord!)...anyway...keep in mind that more is caught than is taught. I encourage you to just keep reading and the Lord will reveal to your son anything that is needed FOR him TO him. The Crown and Covenant series are our all-time favorites, but we love all of the Bond books that we've had the privilege of reading. I wish you well with your in-depth study of the Reformation, and all of your studies, for that matter. I honestly believe that we are in the end of days and that there is a new reformation taking place. I believe that we getting ready for the next Great Awakening and that the fields are white with the end-time harvest talked about in the Bible. Stay the course and keep on keepin' on, Mama! You are doing God's work and He has a very special plan and purpose for each of us in these difficult and trying times in which we live. I am putting you and your family on my prayer list and will be lifting you all before the throne of grace. God bless you, Sweet Sister! Keep on keepin' on! <3


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