Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cleaning Out The Freezer (Part 2) - Three Months Later

Good Afternoon, Sweet Ladies!

If you remember, I first wrote about cleaning out the freezer back in July. It's taken me three whole months to accomplish it, but I have FINALLY got the big freezer unloaded and UNPLUGGED!!! (In mind's eye I immediately started seeing that wheel on the electric meter start slowing down and all those $$$ start migrating over into the piggy bank!!!) I've still got to defrost and clean the big freezer, but, the point is, all the food is out! Some of it we've eaten over the past three months. Some of it went into the trash bin. (I hate throwing food away, but, honestly! Some of that stuff has been in there for EV-ER and we're never going to eat it anyway! No meat...mostly vegetables from our garden a couple of summers back.) Some of it I'm defrosting to feed to the chickens. The rest of it went into the small freezer. I plan to inventory all that this afternoon and plan meals for the month of October around what's on hand. This has been my plan for ages, but things just kept happening to prevent me from getting it done. I was so excited to finally get that freezer unplugged that I just had to share! I hope you all are having a lovely and productive day! God's blessings over all!

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