Tuesday, October 10, 2017

31 Days of the Joys of Autumn - Corn Mazes

While visiting the Louisburg Cider Mill on Sunday, we went through their corn maze. 🌽

Louisburg Cider Mill Corn Maze - 2017
It's the second time that we've been through a corn maze and, I have to admit that the first one that we went through was a lot more fun than this one. That's not the cider mill's fault. That was our fault. 
Hawks Family Maze - 2015
The first time we visited a corn maze (this was two years ago at Hawks Family Maze at Lockwood, MO) we didn't really know much about them so we had a ball getting lost in the corn field, ending up at dead ends, and having to find our way out, and it took awhile! 

Hawks Family Maze - 2015
This time map-readers took us on the course of least resistance and we hardly spent any time at all in the corn maze, but, to be honest, in the end, since there was so much more to do than just a corn maze, it's probably a good thing that we didn't spend too much time in one place. 

Audrey, Silas, Isaiah, Esther, and Mercy
What time we did spend in the maze was fun and we all had a great time...especially the grandlittles!

We are planning another trip to a different corn maze on the 21st and all of our children and their families are invited to join us. Hopefully, this time, we'll be able to spend a little more time getting lost in the corn field while trying to find our way out. 😄

Hawks Family Maze - 2015
Getting lost in a corn maze may not sound fun to some, but, for our family, corn mazes are quickly becoming another one of the joys of autumn! 🌽

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  1. Looks like you're having a blast and grasping fall for all it's worth!


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