Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - The TUESDAY Edition - March 19, 2019

Greetings, Dear Friends! 💗 As you can see, I missed Monday completely, so, welcome to the Tuesday edition of HHM! 😀 

Last week was a blur. On the way home from KC on Tuesday (was that really only a week ago today???), I stopped and picked up the corned beef, cabbages, and potatoes for St. Patty's Day. Wednesday was spent catching up with things at home (laundry, etc.), worked Thursday, was busy and ran all day Friday (baked two cakes...a quadruple recipe..., met dil for breakfast, figured budget, bank, vehicle inspection, license renewal, paid bills, picked up groceries for a couple of shut-ins, and prepared work supplies). Needless to say, I was beat by the end of the day. Worked Saturday. Then, Sunday afternoon was our annual St. Patrick's Day family get-together. 🍀

A Trio of Pretty Irish Princesses
Granddaughters Ruth, Esther, and Mercy
Of course, Amanda and Phillip weren't able to be here, which was really sad for all of us 😢 (it sure wasn't the same), but, good news! After being in the hospital nearly a month, Phillip finally got sprung yesterday! 😊 We appreciate all the prayers on behalf of him and Amanda both and are so very thankful that he is home! 💗

Amanda Shared Thi Photo of Phillip Fresh Out of the Hospital
We are so thankful! 💗
The reason I didn't make it here yesterday is, John and I had been planning our annual trip to Branson for early April and had decided that, on the way down, we were going to go to Bass Pro, Wonders of Wildlife, and the National Museum and Aquarium (I had been before, but he hadn't), BUT, with all the stuff that's been going on lately, we decided to cancel our trip to Branson and just do W.O.W instead. We were still planning on doing that in April, but found out that W.O.W. was having a special half price off deal for anyone living within a 100 mile radius of Springfield during the entire month of March. So, being as yesterday was one of only three free days left in March, we decided to take advantage of the half price deal and go. Our oldest daughter and her children were able to join us as well and what a great day it was! We had a lot fun...especially when it came to watching the penguins and petting the stingrays! 🐠🐧🐬🐡🐋🐙

🐧💗🐧 Us Photo-Shopped Into The Penguin Exhibit 🐧💗🐧
This morning my BFFF came over for a short visit. Sadly, we've both had our hands full on so many fronts, that we hardly see each other anymore. It was nice just getting together and getting caught up a bit. 

Now, it's Tuesday afternoon and I'm just now getting ready to plan the week ahead. Won't you join me as, in the process, I link up with Sandra of Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and all the other lovely ladies that make up the Happy Homemaker Monday crew? You'll be glad you did! 💗

Today I am joining Sandra and the other ladies over at
Diary of a Stay At Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday.
Please be sure to go over and check it out! 💗
Right now I am...

... Finishing up lunch (leftover corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes from St. Patrick's Day), looking over my calendar, and trying to make sense of where I'm at the moment. 😵

Am thinking...

... about how blessed we really are. John and I have a wonderful family and a loving God who watches over and takes care of each and every one of us. I am truly thankful! 💗

On the breakfast plate...

... this morning I had THM pancakes with blueberries, a dollop of Triple 0 vanilla yogurt, and sugar-free syrup.

The weather...

... is gorgeous! Right now it's partly cloudy and 61 degrees. I think there's a chance of rain overnight, but the ten-day forecast promises highs in the 50's and 60's with no night-time temperatures below freezing. I'm happy! 💗

Sorry! Saw this on Facebook and couldn't resist sharing! 😆
On my reading pile...

Am still reading The Great Buffalo Hunt by Wayne Gard, but finished Song of the Shenandoah by Mark Strength. Am now reading Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Caroline Fraser.

Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilderby Caroline Fraser
On the menu this week...

Monday - fish sandwiches and leftover baked potatoes
Tuesday - salad, pasta, sauce, meatballs, and homemade French bread with imported sfogliatine cookies for dessert
Wednesday - chili dogs (freezer) and chips
Thursday - roasted chicken breasts, brown rice, and salad
Friday - broiled salmon, baked potatoes, and green beans
Saturday - dh's night to cook (per his request)
Sunday - leftovers

On my 'to-do' list...

Monday - Visit Bass Pro, Wonders of Wildlife, and the National Museum and Aquarium @ Springfield
Tuesday - Get together with my BFFF, make French bread, have a cousin and his wife over for supper
Wednesday - Library programs in the morning and afternoon (Animal Tracks)
Thursday - Catch up on stuff around the house, run errands
Friday - Work
Saturday - Work (Nature Bingo)
Sunday - Church

In the craft basket...

You guys will think I'm crazy (or maybe you already know that I am), but I've ripped my temperature afghan out and am starting over. I had the month of January nearly finished and realized that, if I kept going, this afghan was going to end up approximately four feet wide and twenty-four feet long! 😲 After talking it over with Amanda (who is an expert crocheter), we decided that it would be better to stop where I was, rip it out, and start over rather than keep going! Instead of doing the shell pattern, like I was, I am now doing a single crochet, but in the back loop only, which gives the afghan kind of a rippled pattern. I will try to post pictures of the revised afghan soon (as soon as I get far enough along for you to see what I'm talking about). 😆

The Month of January Unraveled
Something interesting that I saw this week...

Tiny Purple Crocus's Blooming In Our Yard
These are the ones that Carla and I dug up and moved over from the old house on Payne Street. John and I  have been in this house for going on three years now and this is the first of these we've seen come up. I thought that they were gone for good! I'm so happy to finally
see them blooming! 🌷

From the camera...

Granddaughter Kira - "Let the Shenanigans Begin!"
Photo Credit
Scripture passage...

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a blessed and beautiful New Year, and I'll see you next week! Blessings!

Until next time,

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  1. You are right you have a beautiful family. Hope you have a great week

  2. Hello lovely Lady! So happy to hear that your SIL finally got to go home. God is so good!!!
    Love the little princesses and the photo of your other sweet grandbaby.

    How frustrating to have to rip out the afghan progress, but sounds like you won't regret it once you redo it how you want too. Look forward to seeing the progress.

    Hope you have a very blessed week ahead xoxo

  3. Your granddaughters are so cute and I love the names.

  4. Oh the ripping of crochet projects....been there so many times lol Good decision though, it would have been massive otherwise, and chances are if you're anything like me, you would have lost interest in it after a while. hahah

    Glad to hear your SIL is out of hospital, that is wonderful.

    Hope you're having a great week.

  5. Thanks, Lucy! Hope you're having a great week, too! Blessings! <3

    Thanks, Carrie! We are so thankful that Phillip is home! Hope you're having a great week, as well! Blessings! <3

    Out My Window - Thank you! They are so cute, indeed, and just as ornery! LOL! Blessings! <3

    I agree, Sandra! What would I do with a 24 foot long afghan??? LOL! In the long run it was the best decision and it will be so much more manageable (and cheaper,too)! Hope you're having a great week, as well! Blessings! <3


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