Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Patrick's Day 2019

Shamrock Treats For The Grands

Guess what I was up doing at 6:00 this morning? Yep! Making those shamrock treats for the grands and blowing up green balloons! 💚

I made a quadruple batch of the traditional Emerald Isle Cake recipe on Friday, the corned beefs (three of them) have been in the crockpot overnight, and I've got eight heads of cabbage and 20 pounds of potatoes yet to prepare this morning before church. Our children and their families are expected to join us this afternoon for our annual St. Patrick's Day feast. 🍀

All, that is, except Amanda and Phillip. Sadly, Phillip is still in the hospital and they will be unable to join us for the first time since they got together well over a decade ago. They will be sorely missed. 😢

Phillip, this is for you...

This little guy will miss you, Phillip, and the hiding of the leprechaun will not happen this year. Knox will sit on the shelf and remain patiently awaiting until your return. 🍀
Have a blessed Sunday and a Happy St. Patrick's Day, Dear Reader!

Until next time...

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