Friday, March 29, 2019

Pretty Yellow Daffodils

Pretty Yellow Daffodils
Wednesday afternoon daughter, Amber, and I got together to dig and transplant daffodils. They were given to us by a family member who wanted them out of his yard and we were glad to have them. 💛

Newly Transplanted Daffodils
We each got enough to completely encircle an old tree stump in each of our yards. In a year or two they should fill in nicely and we and our families will enjoy beautiful bouquets of pretty yellow daffodils for for years to come. 💛

Filtered Daffodils
This bouquet sits in our kitchen now. I used one of those filters on Photo Shop Express to create the image above. Daffodils make me happy! 💛

How about you? What's your favorite spring flower?

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Happy Homemaker Monday - March 25, 2019

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