Sunday, April 5, 2020

Christ's Final Week - A Reading Schedule

As Passion Week begins I am reminded of the many in-depth Bible studies that our family has done over the years concerning that "final week" in Jesus's life and all that it entailed. 

Here is a reading schedule that covers the Triumphal Entry through the Resurrection. I'd like to invite you to follow along as we focus our hearts and minds on all that Jesus endured during that final week life wrapped in human flesh for my sake and for yours. 

Won't you join me?

Sunday (Palm Sunday) - The Triumphal Entry 

    Matthew 21:1-11
    Mark 11:1-11
    Luke 19:28-44    
    John 12:12-19

Monday - Clearing of the Temple

    Matthew 21:10-17
    Mark 11:15-18
    Luke 19:45-48

Tuesday - Day of Controversy and Parables

    Matthew 21:23 - 24:51
    Mark 11:27 - 13:37
    Luke 20:1 - 21:36

Wednesday - Not Mentioned in the Gospels

Thursday - Passover (The Last Supper)

    Matthew 26:17-30
    Mark 14:12-26
    Luke 22:7-23
    John 13:1-30

John 19 - The Crucifixion of Jesus

Friday - Crucifixion

    Matthew 27:1-66
    Mark 15:1-47
    Luke 22:66 - 23:56
    John 18:28 -19:37

             In The Tomb

    Matthew 27:57-61
    Mark 15:42-47
    Luke 23:50-56
    John 19:38-42

Resurrection (Easter) Sunday -The Empty Tomb

    Matthew 28:1-13
    Mark 16:1-20
    Luke 24:1-49
    John 20:1-31

Stay in the Word and have a beautiful and blessed Holy Week!

Until next time...



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    1. You're welcome, Susan! Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start! Blessings!

  2. Yes. Thank you for sharing. This looks very doable.


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