Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Book Review and Giveaway - HOMEMAKING FOR HAPPINESS: Wonderful Days at Home by Mrs. Sharon White

I finished reading Homemaking For Happiness: Wonderful Days at Home by Mrs. Sharon White back when my husband was sick and was planning on doing a giveaway back then. When John passed away everything else fell by the wayside and I forgot all about plans for the giveaway. My thoughts are just now coming back around to it.

Fortunately, Mrs. White and I have been online friends for many years and she is so understanding. When I messaged her last week to ask if she was still okay with me doing the giveaway, she sweetly informed me that, back in May (when we first discussed it), she had "...set aside a gift copy, neatly wrapped with a pretty card for the winner..." and that it had been sitting right there, waiting "...for just the right time..." when I felt ready. 

I'm ready. 💗

Homemaking For Happiness: Wonderful Days at Home is not the usual, run-of-the-mill home economics book full of 'how to' facts and tips. Rather, it is a beautiful, 106 short chapters, 307-page collection of Mrs. White's own, personal experiences in the making of a home on her family's lovely 'estate' in Vermont.

Mrs. White is a devout Christian wife and has been a housewife for more than 30 years. She is the granddaughter of a revival preacher, a mother of five, grandmother of twelve, and a homemaker without apology. Mrs. White has been writing about homemaking on her blog, The Legacy of Home, since 2009. 

Whenever I read Mrs. White's writings I am filled with emotion and wonder as she shares her struggles, her hopes, her dreams, and her ability to see the work that she does in the home, not as mundane drudgery, but as a purposeful, joyful act of service to her family, and as a humble act of reverence and worship before God. 

Mrs. White is inspiring! I love her determination to be sweet and cheerful no matter how hard times might be, and I am delighted by her ability to see beauty in simplicity.

Throughout this book, which is divided into four sections (spring, summer, fall, and winter), Mrs. White shares godly wisdom in the areas of child care, cleaning, etiquette, finances, homemaking, hospitality, cooking, holiness, and more. She greatly encouraged me, personally, in the areas of contentment, thrift, and living life purposefully and productively, no matter what the circumstance.

What I appreciate most about Mrs. White is her honesty concerning finances. She has learned, as did the Apostle Paul, to be abased and to abound, and to be content in whatsoever state she finds herself. 

As is the case with every other book of Mrs. White's that I have read (which have been many), from Homemaking For Happiness: Wonderful Days At Home I gleaned a wealth of thought-provoking ideas and am truly challenged to re-think and evaluate my current financial circumstance, and the stewardship of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me. I am challenged to use them more wisely in the days ahead

Here are a few of my favorite lines from Mrs. White's book, Homemaking For Happiness: Wonderful Days at Home...

"At other times, the prayers and the worries were so hard to bear. There would be shoes needed for the children. We may not have had enough food. My husband was laid off work or lost jobs and those were the hardest times to manage. I would write down the prayers and the needs and then get back to mothering and homemaking. I would leave it with the Lord. Sometimes he answered those prayers before the end of the day. At other times, I waited weeks. But always the prayers were answered. I learned to depend on God for all things in this way. I learned not to rush out and try to fix it all myself. I gained patience, and faith, and trust, and was greatly blessed with a journal of answered prayers" (Chapter 22 - Reviving the Prayer Journal - Page 75)

"There was a comforting feeling of not having to leave our property to find pretty thing to make our home look lovely and inviting." (Chapter 23 - Flowers for the Dinner Table - Page 78)

"The Lord is so good to provide us with the beauty of nature to enjoy each year. I love things that are familiar and the routines of life. Each season brings us something of beauty, and there is always something delightful to look forward to." (Chapter 24 - Missing the Lilacs - Page 81)

"...how important it is to be good and pleasant and to give to those we love, without conditions, or expecting anything. It is a kindness based on personal contentment in the Lord. This is part of being happy." (Chapter 57 - Domestic Happiness - Page 164)

In a time when the Titus 2 woman is mysteriously missing, or is, at best, difficult to come by, I find that Mrs. White helps to comfortably fill that gap. I highly recommend her book to anyone who is seeking Biblical womanhood as a keeper of the home, or to anyone who just wishes to learn how to slow down and live a simpler lifestyle in our out-of-control, modern age.

To find out more, visit Mrs. WhiteThe Legacy of Home.

Now...for the giveaway!!!

To enter, simply leave a comment below (or on my Hearth and Home Facebook page) telling something that you do in your home to create wonderful days at home for you and your family. That's it! 

The giveaway starts today (Tuesday, November 9th, 2021) and will run through Tuesday, November 30, 2021. A winner will be selected and announced on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. The winner will have 48 hours to make contact. If they have not done so within 48 hours an alternate winner will be selected. 

Until next time...

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  1. When I had kids at home my house was where they all came. I was mom to everyone and still to this day I always have a house full on the holidays. Probably the one thing I still do everyday is do my best to keep hubby happy with meals. We've been empty nesters for several years now and I've found it difficult learning to cook for 2 instead of 6 people and upwards which is what it was even when I only had 1 still home.

    1. Becky, congratulations!!! You are the winner of Mrs. White's book!!! Please contact me at proverbs31heart@yahoo.com within in 48 hours with your full name and address and I'll have Mrs. White send that book right out to you. If I do not hear from you within 48 hours an alternate winner will be selected. Again, congratulations!!!

  2. Hi, I bought and read Mrs White’s book a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. She has a lovely writing style. I would sit down to read her book, and it would help me calm down and refocus. I would also recommend her book to those who aren’t particularly religious, her writing is founded in her beliefs yet all the lessons learned are life lessons overall. And finally, her book has many very short chapters…I found it wonderful to only have a small bit of time yet I could read the one or two page chapters, have a quiet moment and get her complete thought, rather than getting halfway through a long chapter. As mentioned above, a lovely writing style and filled with interesting and helpful reflections on life.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't believe this has come about I am reading one of her books now and I have had this book for a long time and just now reading it. I believe in the Lords timing. I didn't need it then as much as I do now. I also follow her blog. If you know me you know I have a passion for my home and family. My sons are struggling right now with some issues in their lives and I have had to sit back and do more praying, well crying out to God you could say, here lately. I've just had to turn it over. Sometimes I feel like I have failed as a mother but I look back and say there is no way I could have been. My husband and I have raised our boys right.
    I absolutely love all things home making. I love cooking from scratch and keep ing a home. I love teaching our little granddaughters just as I did our sons. Somewhere our society has lost its way and we have skipped some generations on homemaking. Children have become more of a burden in the home and couples would rather just find someone new instead of working on keeping their marriages together.
    My mother says I am my grandmothers child. I am a preachers granddaughter. My heart and passion is with God, marriage, and family. I love mentoring anyone I can. I'm going to say I want all her books in my library and eventually I will have them. They are such a pleasure to read. So refreshing. They help keep me grounded. I have actually made a few posts on my blog promoting the book I'm reading. I absolutely love it. I don't believe this is a coincidence. Lol

    1. Dear Tracy,

      God's timing, indeed! I love when things like that happen, because, for me, it's always a second confirmation of something that God is leading me in...teaching me in...and it always comes with great blessing. What book of Mrs. White's are you currently reading? I have several and they're all good...and they're all REAL.

      I have added you and your family to my prayer list and will join you in praying over your sons. You have not failed as a mother. I'm sure that you did everything that you knew to do at each step along the way. Have faith in God and trust Him to make up the difference. Isaiah 54:17 and Isaiah 54:13. These are the verses that my husband and I stood on at every turn with our own children and I still do. Take them as your own and stand on them daily. I commend your firm stand concerning the things of the Lord and encourage you to just keep pressing on.

      Thinking of you and praying over your family...and, no...it's no coincidence! Blessings, Sweet Sister!

    2. Tracy, you are the second-chance winner of Homemaking for Happiness: Wonderful Days at Home by Mrs. Sharon White! Please contact me at proverbs31heart@yahoo.com within 48 hours with your mailing address so I can have Mrs. White mail the book right out to you! If I do not hear from you within 48 hours an alternate winner will be selected. Congratulations!!!

  4. I have never heard of Mrs. White’s book before, but I would love to enter the giveaway. It sounds wonderfully helpful, and I love to eat books about the home, homemaking, etc. At home, I love to make delicious recipes. Also, just having a joyful spirit throughout the day gives a wonderful atmosphere, and causes others to want to rejoice as well. :)


  5. I can’t believe I have been away from blogging and I come back and it feels like I never left and I get to enter
    This wonderful giveaway too!
    For me its all the small things that bring me joy
    Like fresh bedding, flickering candles, soft lamps and soft music I love cozy days doing nothing special but we’re all together. The one thing I consider the most important thing is I wake before my family and have “coffee with Jesus” it started out of necessity but almost 23 years later I still do it- it makes allllll the difference. And I look forward to it daily ❤️

    1. Welcome back to the world of blogging, Row! It's great to have you back! So glad you stopped in for a visit and left some comments! I love your list of "small things" that make a home "home"...especially your "coffee with Jesus". It's so important! God bless you! It's good to have you back! ❤️

  6. I have not read any of Mrs. White's books, but I do have a couple on my Amazon list. Some things that I do to create wonderful days, we have a weekly family movie night with homemade pizza, the kids usual help to "decorate" the pizzas. We do a lot of baking together as a family. Take walks in the field, and I like to make wildflower bouquets.


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