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Higher Holiday Food Prices, Food Shortages, and A Thanksgiving Planner

Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving is three weeks from today. I think we're all aware of the overall rising costs of food (and everything else), but I've heard from several sources just in the last few days that there could very well be a shortage of some holiday foods this year, including turkeys

How are things looking in your part of the country? Have you started purchasing food for the Thanksgiving holiday yet? If so, have you noticed a shortage of anything? What is the average cost of a frozen turkey in your area and how are supplies looking? 

I'm not sure that it will be business as usual this year, but, until we find out, I'm going ahead and sharing this planner based on years past. I hope that you will find it useful. 



* Begin holiday organization.
* Invite your guests for Thanksgiving dinner. A cheery phone invitation or a written invitation is always welcome.
* If you’re ordering a fresh turkey, do it now; if you’re buying a frozen turkey you have time, but don’t wait until the last minute. Start watching those sale ads now.


* Make your Thanksgiving dinner menu. At the same time compile your grocery list. You can pick up the dry goods and staples for your meal now. It’s easier on the budget and makes shopping faster later. Check off items on the marketing list as you purchase them.
* Plan your Thanksgiving table setting and centerpiece early. Check your silverware, plates, and serving dishes to be sure you have enough for the number of guests you are inviting.
* Name cards can also be completed ahead of time. As a family sit down and find verses with a thanksgiving theme. Take a blank 3” x 5” index card, fold it in half, and stand it on the table. On the front write the name of the person who will sit at that place and inside write a Thanksgiving scripture. When everyone is seated, each person then reads his verse.


* Make any last-minute arrangements for Thanksgiving. If you’ll be going out of town, ask a neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers. If you are cooking, finalize your menu and entertainment plans.


* Special holiday events will be happening Thanksgiving week. Decide which event you want to attend as a family, then schedule one special event for each child individually.


* Start defrosting a large (15 to 20 lbs.) frozen turkey in the coldest part of your refrigerator.


* Prepare the serving pieces, plates, flatware, glasses, etc.
* If using cloth napkins or tablecloths, iron them now.
* Make the cranberry sauce; a couple of days in the refrigerator will give the flavors time to develop.
* Cut and cube bread for the stuffing now, and set the cubes out in a single layer on a baking sheet to dry.


* Pick up the fresh turkey and purchase perishables.
* Prepare the stuffing. Refrigerate overnight.
* Make the giblet stock for gravy.
* Assemble and bake pies.
* Peel the potatoes; refrigerate in a pot of cold water.
* Make side dishes that require baking and reheat them tomorrow; or assemble them today and cook them right before dinner tomorrow.
* Set the table tonight or first thing in the morning.


* Remove the turkey from the refrigerator and cook as desired. (Some me...even prefer to slow cook the turkey overnight.)
* Make mashed potatoes and bake or reheat side dishes.
* Prepare coffee, but do not brew until about twenty minutes before it is to be served.
* Prepare iced tea and other beverages early and refrigerate.

Until next time...

Note: The above photo was taken at our youngest daughter's last year at Thanksgiving. If you look carefully, you can see my husband lurking in the background. I'm sure not looking forward to the holidays this year without him. 😢

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  1. I have heard of all sorts of shortages, but when I was in Amish country last weekend, the stores were fully stocked. I think some people in our area may be hoarding again. However, we have started to stock up on foods by dehydrating and freezing and canning. I don't know that we'll get an all family gathering this year with Mom's health. So far she does not want a gathering, but we are hoping for one.

    1. I agree, Kristina, the Amish stores here seem well-stocked, too, for now. I'm not sure where they get their supplies. If they don't get stuff moving across this country I'm sure it's just a matter of before they'll be running low on, some things anyway. It's amazing how many things you manage to get put up. Your beets were absolutely beautiful! I'm sorry to hear of your mom's failing health. Maybe she'll be up to a family gathering closer to the holiday. Have a great day and thanks for stopping in! Blessings!


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