Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homemade Pasta

Finally got the opportunity to play with the pasta maker that I got
months ago. Still have no idea what I'm doing, so if anyone has any
advice to share, please, by all means, do so. Thanks!

Frosty Winter Morn 1/31/10

These photos were taken this morning around our town. It was such a beautiful, winter morning!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coupon Savings This Week

Here are some of the things I bought on coupon this week. Coupon savings this week - $25.10.

This Week and Where I've been

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

I know that some of you are wondering where I've been. Well...this week has just been crazy!

As you know, I was sick in bed all day Monday. By Tuesday I was up, but I really wasn't feeling well at all. Wednesday I was about the same. Thursday the city called to tell us that we must have a water leak somewhere because we had run 28,000 gallons more water than usual. YOWCH!!!

BUT, we didn't have time to deal with it then because an extended family member had passed away earlier in the week, and my husband had been asked to perform the funeral services. Friday we had to travel out of town and was gone, literally, all day, not arriving home until late.

By yesterday, we had to go grocery shopping. We have done relatively well on the freezer/pantry challenge, and I definitely used up a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have even thought about using up otherwise. I still want to work toward cleaning up what older stuff is left, but, for me, the freezer/pantry challenge is officially over. I was pretty much down to basic supplies, and it was time to restock the good stuff...which I will be sharing more about that in just a bit.

Anyway, I wanted to fill everyone in and let you know why I haven't been posting. I will be with you all again soon. God bless!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 16

Breakfast - Tony had toast; I had a vanilla Slim Fast

Lunch - grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and crackers

Supper - roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, bread and butter

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Days 14 and 15

Due to illness I have kind of gotten out of sync the past couple of days. Haven't really had any 'meals' during the daytime. DH and son have pretty much fended for themselves putting together odds and ends of leftovers, etc. DD did bring stuff last night for son to cook a quick meal (turkey burgers and french fries), and this evening I managed to throw together a fairly decent supper (baked chicken thighs, canned potatoes slice and fried in butter, green beans, and bread and butter), but as for actively pursuing the challenge at hand, I haven't. Maybe things will be better tomorrow.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 13

Breakfast - cinnamon rolls

Lunch - baked paddlefish, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, sliced bread

Supper - grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, crackers

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 12

I don't know that I'm doing that well with my freezer/pantry challenge. Where I see most people that have taken the challenge using up little bits of this or little bits of that (prepackaged frozen foods, etc.), I don't have a lot of those types of things in my freezer. I mostly have flour, rice, beans, oats, chicken and vegetables, but, nevertheless, some of it has been there a while, and it needs used up. My menus aren't very exciting compared to some I've seen, but here goes today's menu...

Breakfast - omelet (me); oat pancakes (Tony and John)

Lunch - leftover pizza

Supper - chicken tacos served with lettuce, cheese, and sour cream

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 11

Breakfast - toast and tea

Lunch - Our oldest daughter surprised us with a 'Fun Friday' afternoon. On the way home from the doctor's office she stopped at the grocery store and picked up deli turkey, cheese, bread, chips, drinks, dessert, and a movie. We had lunch together over 'Julie and Julia'...which, by the way, for the most part is an absolutely delightful movie!

Supper - leftover chicken and rice and leftover lentil pizza

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 10

Breakfast - oat pancakes (Did I mention that I have a TON of oats in the freezer?)

Lunch - out (Taco Bell on coupon)

Supper - Lentil Pizza

What Happens If?

What happens if you can't afford to restock your pantry after the month-long pantry/freezer challenge is over? Here's a great article concerning that very thing!

My Latest Coupon Finds

ALL YOU's 'Health & Fitness' special (reg. $4.97; I paid $3.47), Minute Rice (reg. $2.39; I paid $1.39), 2 Lipton Cup-A-Soup (reg. $1.45 each; I paid 65 cents each), Betty Crocker Potatoes (reg. 97 cents each; I paid 27 cents), Bic Razors (buy one get one free - reg. price $3.23 and $2.77), Post-It notes (reg. $2.64 and $2.44; I paid $1.64 and $1.44) - Total Savings - $12. 04. AND two of us ate on coupon at Taco Bell for a grand total of $5.34! It was a good day! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 9

Breakfast - oat pancakes

Lunch - leftovers (Tony and I - chicken sandwiches and potatoes; John - chili)

Supper - Oriental stir-fry and rice

Snacks - cheese and cracker, peanut butter and graham crackers, fresh apples and pears

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 8

Breakfast - oat pancakes

Lunch - fried turnips, potato pancakes, and pork and beans

Supper - baked chicken breast, scalloped potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 7

Didn't get this posted yesterday. This list is for Monday, January 11th...

Breakfast - French toast sticks (made from frozen bread ends) with homemade syrup

Lunch - cheeseburger and potato wedges on coupon from Casey's

Supper - leftover chili with tortillas

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 6 (for me)

Breakfast - cinnamon roll from Casey's

Lunch - made a big pot of chili served with onions, cheese, and crackers

Supper - grilled cheese sandwich, potato wedges, and brownies

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 5 (for me)

Saturday morning brunch - turkey bacon, eggs, toast, frozen pineapple-orange juice

Supper - homemade Italian sausage pizza, salad

Snack - leftover blueberry muffins with butter spray

Friday, January 8, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 4 (for me)

Breakfast - blueberry muffins

Lunch - canned ravioli, leftover French bread

Supper - turkey burgers, potato pancakes made from leftover mashed potatoes, salad

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 3 (for me)

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. This is for Thursday, January 7th...

Breakfast - toast and eggs

Lunch - grilled cheese sandwiches, cream of tomato soup, and multi-grain crackers

Supper - had company over for baked chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and French bread

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 2 (for me)

Breakfast - Tony had cold cereal; John and I had toast

Lunch - leftover Italian beans and cornbread

Supper - omelets with mushrooms, onions, and cheese, grilled chicken strips, and toast (different, but good!)

Snack - fresh pineapple with natural yogurt as a dressing

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge - Day 1 (for me)

Breakfast - cold cereal

Lunch - salmon patties, canned potatoes, cole slaw, and apple slices

Supper - invited over to supper at dd and sil's

Monday, January 4, 2010

Freezer Pantry Challenge

Can't resist joining THE MENU MOM'S Freezer Pantry Challenge. Check it out by going here...

This is something that I've been wanting to do, so, now is the time! I begin tomorrow!

Ladies' Winter Tea - 1/4/10 - "Are You Winterized?"

This morning the ladies of our church got together for tea. Due to weather not all of our ladies were able to attend, but those that did come had a fine time of fellowship. Considering the bitterly cold weather and snow, our devotional "Are You Winterized?" was quite timely.

Coupon Savings and Awesome Buys

Coupon savings today includes two 1 pound boxes of Riceland brown rice for 29 cents each, a package of Kraft Singles for 69 cents, three bars of Ivory soap for just 37 cents, and a free 20-count box of feminine protection. Awesome buys include Gerber brand children's sleepware (3T to 5T) - $1.00 per package, chocolate oranges - 57 cents each, plastic candy canes filled with Hershey's Kisses - 40 cents each, snowman socks - 50 cents for two pair. The candy (well over a pound's worth) from the plastic candy canes provided this year's Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day candy at a fraction of the cost.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G The Family Food Dollar

Looking for ways to stretch the family food dollar in 2010? Here is a link to some fantastic bean recipes from my friend, Crystal Miller...


Friday, January 1, 2010

New Tablecloths, Napkins, and Curtains

Yesterday I found this sweet blue and white gingham on sale on the $1.50 a yard rack at Walmart; I spent this afternoon turning it into new kitchen tablecloths, napkins, and curtains. It sure did brightened up our kitchen!