Monday, May 31, 2021

Master List and Menu Plan Monday - May 31, 2021

Good Morning, Dear Ones! Happy Memorial Day Monday! ðŸ’— 

I trust that your week was good, that you and yours are enjoying a lovely holiday weekend, and that your Monday is off to a great start! Happy Memorial Day💓☆💙

Note: Have shared these Memorial Day memories before.

Memorial Day Tribute

Growing up Memorial Day, or "Decoration Day" Grandma Viola called it, was always a special day! When I was real little my mom and dad and I would load up early in the morning and make the round of cemeteries to decorate the graves of loved ones that had passed on before us. At that time there were only a few graves to decorate, so the rest of the day would be spent with family. 

The Anderson House
Photo Credit
My Great-Uncle, Milton (Micky) Fox
World War II

Usually, we would gather together for a day of fun...a game 
of horseshoes, homemade ice cream, and fun with the 
cousins as we would roll giggling down the grassy bank at
Grandpa and Grandma's house in the country. At the time that bank seemed so huge, but, looking at it as an adult, it was hardly anything.

In later years we continued to do the cemetery rounds, but, due to reasons unknown to me...finances, perhaps, or maybe a shift in parents stopped decorating the graves. Oftentimes, after a morning of visiting the cemeteries, we would end up at a place that was historically important, not only to those interested in local Civil War history, but, to us, personally, as a family...the Anderson House in Lexington, Missouri. We had family members that were caretakers there at one time and my grandmother had spent many delightful days there as a child. We would often end up there on family outings and she would share her memories, as well as the secrets of the old house, with me, as together, we would explore its every nook and cranny. You could do that back then, but not now.

As time went on and older generations passed away, our Memorial Day traditions changed and, for the most part, fell away. We stopped doing the cemetery rounds altogether and usually just settled for a cook-out at the folks house. When my mother passed away that pretty much stopped, too. 

In more recent years, we've usually gotten together with family at some point over the weekend and Memorial Day itself has become a day of much needed rest. This year, with all this going on with John, today will be spent quietly at home. I do plan on making small amounts of the traditional holiday foods in hopes that John will take a few bites of some of them.

In there, of course, we will remember the many that have fought for (bled and died to give us) the freedoms that we have held so dear in this country and, unfortunately, are giving up and losing at an alarming rate. We pray for those that continue to serve our country today.

How about you? How do you and yours celebrate Memorial Day? What memories and symbolisms of it do you hold dear?'s get on with this week's post, shall we?

This week's master to-do list...

- spend as much quality time with my husband as possible 💑
- celebrate Memorial Day 💖🤍💙
- clean house 🏡
- do laundry 👕
- figure June budget and bills 💵
- go to the bank and post office 🏤
- pay bills 🖃
- grocery shop 🛒
- work from home as I have time (data entry) 💻
- work in the garden 🌱
- make a batch and freeze chive butter 🧈
- deep clean kitchen (still haven't made it...maybe this week) 🥘

Roses From Our Son and Dil's Garden

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, and chips 🍔🌭
Tuesday - Homemade chicken noodle soup and toaster cheese sandwiches 🐔
Wednesday - Turkey sausage, sautéed peppers and onions, and biscuits 🦃
Thursday - Lasagna (freezer), cucumber and tomato salad, and Sue Gregg's Good Earth Rolls (freezer) 🍅
Friday - Turkey breast cutlets (freezer), baked potatoes, and oven-roasted carrots 🦃
Saturday - Broccoli-cheese soup with Sue Gregg's Good Earth Rolls (freezer)
Sunday - Leftovers

Also there are a few things in the fridge that I don't want to forget to use up, so will make my notes here: 

- strawberries (sliced and sweetened with stevia)
- avocadoes (diced and served with scrambled eggs for breakfast)
- mandarin oranges (with breakfast and snacks)

Brown Thrasher

That's it for today, Ladies! Have a beautiful Memorial Day and a great week ahead!

Until next time...

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Friday, May 28, 2021


On Monday my cousin, Wilbur, was found deceased in his home. He apparently had been there for a couple of days and it breaks my heart to know that he died alone and that no one knew what was happening with him.


Growing up, to me, Wilbur was more like an older brother. He moved in with us when he was 16 (I was 4) and he lived with us off and on for many years; to my dad he was more like a son than a nephew. My dad called him Bill. 

Wilbur and Dad
In recent years Wilbur and I haven't been as close as we were when we were younger, but we have always stayed in touch. Wilbur had been really good about calling every two or three weeks since my dad passed away in 2016 and every once in a while I would call him.

Wilbur and Dad

Wilbur and I saw each other at least once a year...usually at the family reunion...more often when Dad was still alive.

Wilbur and I

Since Wilbur's passing, I've been thinking a lot about when we were younger and the times that we shared.

Wilbur and I
Ely, Minnesota

I had forgotten how special Wilbur really was to me. When I was little he was my defender, my protector, and my hero; as a teenager and young adult he was my friend, my ally, and my closest confidant. 

Early 1970's
Ely, Minnesota

Wilbur and I shared the grief of losing aunts and uncles and grandparents together and endured the heartbreak of broken marriages on both sides. For a while my ex-husband and I lived with Wilbur and his ex-wife. We ran together, partied together, fought for one another, and, sometimes, even fought with each other. Wilbur saved the life of my oldest daughter when she was eleven months old and, at the time of Mom's death, he bought and paid for Mom and Dad's burial plots as a thank you to them for all they had done for him. He didn't have to thank them. They did what they did for him because they loved him. 

Wilbur was a good guy, but, in recent years, for reasons not understood by me, he had become quite bitter and cynical. Unfortunately, that drove wedges between him and the people that he loved the most...his family...but, as irritating as he could be sometimes, I'm so glad that he chose to stay in touch. 

Wilbur called just a few days before he passed to check on my husband. The last words that we spoke to each other was "I love you." I'm so glad that, despite all, the line of communication remained open until the end.

Until next time...

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Master List and Menu Plan Monday - May 24, 2021

Greetings, Dear One! 💗

How was your week and weekend?

Our week here was good. The days pass quickly, but the nights are long. We're learning to take the good, as well as the bad and the ugly, one day at time. It's really all we can do. 


Last night was long, but it was, perhaps, one of the best nights we've had in recent least for me it was. The electricity went off around 10:15 p.m. and stayed off until 2:00 a.m. It was warm and I opened the windows to let some air in. Then, I lay there in bed listening to the night sounds...frogs croaking, crickets chirping, owls hooting..."who cooks for you...who cooks for you all", dogs barking, and coyotes singing at a distance. It took me back to the days of childhood. 

We didn't have air conditioning at all back then and, rarely, a fan at night. The night sounds were common and part of the rhythm of daily life. As a girl I would nightly fall asleep to those very same sounds. Last night I found those sounds to be an island of calm in the midst of churning and turbulent seas. They made the rest of the night smooth sailing and I awoke refreshed this morning. 

Now...let's get right on into this week's post...shall we?

This week's master to-do list...

- focus on dh 💕
- clean house 🏡
- do laundry 👕
- wash bedding 🛏
- deep clean the kitchen 🥘 (didn't get to this last week...hopefully will this week)
- bake bread 🥖
- work outside (weed eating, gardening, etc.)🌱
- enjoy a visit with our youngest daughter and her family 👪
- wish our oldest daughter-in-law a Happy Birthday 🎂
- work from home (data entry) 💻

Fresh Strawberries

This week's menu plan...

My goal this week is to use up as many fresh foods and odds and ends out of the freezer as I can. I will most likely use the last of the bananas to make banana-oat bran muffins, turn the last of the sweet potatoes into sweet potato pie, and serve the last of the fresh raspberries over pancakes for breakfast. There is a variety of "this, that, and the other" meals that have been brought in with the leftovers frozen. I will concentrate on serving those throughout the week.  

Monday - Sausage, sautéed peppers and onions, and biscuits 
Tuesday - Lasagna (freezer), sautéed greens, tomato salad and garlic bread
Wednesday - Broiled salmon, cheesy broccoli and cauliflower, tomato salad, and biscuits
Thursday - Oven-roasted chicken (freezer), fried cabbage, and oven-roasted carrots
Friday - Pizza (homemade)
Saturday - Stuffed shells (freezer), steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and homemade bread
Sunday - Ham with potatoes, green beans, and biscuits


That's it for this week, Ladies! I do hope that you have a lovely Monday and a great and productive week ahead!

Until next time...

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Friday, May 21, 2021

Five On Friday - Roadside Wildflowers

It's been a rainy afternoon and evening here in southwest Missouri. I had to make a quick trip to town this afternoon and couldn't help noticing the pretty wildflowers along the way. 

Taking the back way home, I stopped along the gravel road and gathered a quick bouquet of daisies. They are one of my absolute favorites! 

Other roadside flowers observed along the road included pretty pink pasture roses... spiderwort...

...white and pink florabunda roses...

and gorgeous, fuchsia-colored rose verbena.

All of these flowers are so pretty...and, the truth is, they brought me much joy today! It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy these lovely wildflowers along the way.

Until next time...

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Monday, May 17, 2021

Master List and Menu Plan Monday - May 17, 2021

Greetings, Dear One

It's Monday and here we are...already over half-way through the month of May! It's amazing how incredibly fast the days, weeks, months, and years fly by!

How was your week and weekend? 

Our week here was good. I, not only got the bedroom deep-cleaned, but the bathroom and hallway, as well. Our youngest daughter came down mid-week for an overnight and on Friday I run errands while our other daughter and her children stayed with Grandpa. 

While I was out I picked up some red, white, and blue petunias to make a pretty patriotic basket to hang on the other side of the porch (the blue ones aren't blooming yet, but will soon). I also picked up tomato cages for the tomatoes and got them staked out that night. 

I started a Caringbridge site for my husband. If anyone is interested in keeping up with what's going on with him, here is the link. Your visits there would be warmly welcome!

Unfortunately, our days and nights and sleeping patterns are getting all mixed up. We were in bed by 11:00 p.m. last night...which was good...but we were both awake at 3:00 a.m. I didn't get back to sleep until after 5:00 and didn't wake up until 10:00 this morning. My plan to get an early start didn't happen and this post is going out way later than usual. I better get on with it...huh? 😧

This week's master to-do list...

- spend time with dh 👫
- clean house 🏡
- deep-clean the kitchen 🍳
- do laundry 👕
- work from home as much as possible (only getting a few hours per week) 💻
- put together the patriotic petunia basket 🔴⚪🔵
- work outside (weed-eating, mowing the edges, de-weeding flower beds, de-weeding the garden) 🌹
- plant a few more vegetable seeds in the garden 🌱
- celebrate a couple of high school graduates 🎓

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Turkey meatballs (per dh's request) with oven-roasted potatoes and carrots and steamed asparagus
Tuesday - Broiled salmon, baked sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and salad
Wednesday - Taco salad with rice, beans, and guacamole
Thursday - Oven-roasted chicken breasts with brown rice, steamed broccoli, and salad
Friday - Broiled salmon, baked sweet potatoes, cheesy broccoli and cauliflower, and salad
Saturday - Turkey burgers with sweet potato fries and salad
Sunday - Leftovers

Well, that's all for today, Ladies! I hope that you and yours have a wonderfully blessed week! Feel free to drop in anytime. I love hearing from you! 

Until next time...

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Monday, May 10, 2021

Master List and Menu Plan Monday - May 9, 2021

Greetings, Dear One! It's Monday! 💗

How are you? How was your weekend? I trust that you had a great week and a beautiful Mother's Day Weekend! 💐 

Most of the week here was spent just being with my husband...sitting together...sometimes outside when weather permitted...talking, watching the Rifleman, Victory News, or some other teaching program, praying, reading God's Word, and taking communion together each night before bed...trusting and believing Jesus for health and healing in every area.

I did get my eyes examined this week and can't wait until my new glasses arrive. I'm hoping that they make a big difference in how and what I'm seeing. 👀

I also picked up a work-from-home project from work (data entry on a vegetation plot) and will be working on that a few hours here and there as I can. I'm thankful for the opportunity to keep a paycheck coming in no matter how small it is.

I got a few things planted in the garden this week...tomatoes, peppers, onions, green beans, beets, squash (white scalloped and spaghetti), and pie pumpkins. There are more things that I hope to get planted...more to have something for John to watch grow than anything else. He has always loved gardening so. 🌱

Our oldest granddaughter graduated from nursing school on Saturday. Due to COVID and John's health we weren't able to be there, but her mom made sure we got plenty of pictures. We're so proud of her and know that she's going to make a great nurse! ðŸŽ“

I had a lovely Mother's Day here with sweet offerings and lots of love from each of our children. My heart is full as I realize how incredibly blessed we truly are. 💓 

I'm hoping to get myself pulled together this week and get busy on some projects here around the house. Our youngest daughter will be in Wednesday to spend time with her dad and the hospice nurse will make her weekly visit on Wednesday, as well. Other than that, we have nothing planned. Days of late are long; the nights are even longer. Like I said...I've got to get myself pulled together and get busy! 

This week's master to-do list...

- spend time with my husband 💕
- clean house 🏡
- deep clean bedroom 💤
- do laundry 👕
- order propane 🚚
- sort and organize books, CDs, and DVDs in Van Gogh room 📚
- work from home 💻
- pick up new glasses (if they come in this week) 🕶

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Chicken ranch salad with homemade bread 🐔
Tuesday - Broiled salmon, baked potatoes, and oven-roasted carrots 🐟
Wednesday - Beef enchiladas with rice and beans 🐄
Thursday - Ham, green beans, and potatoes with biscuits 🐖
Friday - Tuna and noodles with peas 🐟
Saturday - Corned beef and cabbage (freezer) and baked potatoes 🐄
Sunday - Leftovers

That's it for this time, Ladies! Have a great week ahead! 

Until next time...

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful and amazing moms out there! From those that are well-seasoned to those that are preparing to become mamas for the very first time and to everyone in between. To all the grandmothers and other special ladies (be you friend, aunt, or some other relation) who have been there, filled in, helped out, and have been a second mom to someone else in their hour of need. No matter who you are...if you have invested (or are investing) time, energy, resources, and talents into the future of a not weary in doing so! You are so special! Don't ever allow people or circumstances to make you feel less-than, because what you're doing is important work. In fact, it's the most important work there is! May many blessings be yours today and always!

Until next time...

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Friday, May 7, 2021

Five On Friday - Around The Yard This Week

Greetings, Dear One!

I hope that you and yours have had a great week and I wish you a beautiful Mother's Day weekend ahead!

I can't get far from the house too often these days, so am sharing a few things that I've witnessed around the yard this week. I hope you enjoy them.

1) I discovered this wasp crawling around on a pink peony bud. He happily posed for this photo.

2) My favorite irises are in bloom right now. They're the prettiest shade of lavender and they smell like grape Kool-Aid 💜 (or at least they did before I lost my sense of smell thanks to COVID). 😞

3) This hummingbird was taking a drink from one of the hummingbird feeders on the front porch. That reminds me...I need to make up a new batch of hummingbird food this afternoon (one part regular white sugar to four parts water - heat and stir to dissolve sugar, then cool - refrigerate unused portions).

4) Another pretty purple iris. So far I only have one of this variety. Hopefully they will spread and multiply. Lovely! 💜

5) I snapped a picture of this robin out by the street in front of our house. He (or she) appeared to be searching for worms.

What kind of interesting and pretty things are happening in your yard right now?

Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day! 💐

Until next time...

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