Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spring Things

It's a rainy Wednesday morning here in the Four-States Area and spring has sprung on every front!

Spring Beauties

Least Bluets

Common Violet

Tiny spring flowers dot the landscape (spring beauties, least bluets, and violets), with sunny-faced dandelions dancing prominently among them.

Bridal's Wreath

Red Bud

The bridal's wreath bush and redbud trees are in full bloom and the lilac buds are big and swollen purple...ready to burst forth at any moment. 


In addition to the blooming of flowers all kinds of other spring things are happening. Bees are buzzing, frogs are croaking, and birds are singing. They are also building nests and laying eggs.

Bumble Bee


Robin's Nest

Spring is a glorious time of year! Everything is so fresh and soft and green! New life abounds on every front! I pray that you and yours are enjoying spring wherever you are. What changes have you noted taking place?

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  1. Such beautiful flowers. Ours are blooming as well. I love the new life spring gives.


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