Monday, July 11, 2011

Using It Up - Wallpapering

You've heard the old saying, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." Well, that's kind of 
where I'm at. Our resources are exhausted and I can't afford to do anything new to our home, but I am in a renewed state of mind and am determined to use what I've got on hand to fix things up a bit. 

A few years ago (yes, years ago), one of my daughters-in-law gave me this lovely wallpaper. It was some that she had leftover from one of her projects and there were only a couple of rolls of it, but we have a small house and I knew I could use it somewhere. Most of one of the rolls I used a  long time ago to paper the wall next to the bathroom (which adjoins our bedroom, so it kind of tied it all together), and the other I saved to paper our north bedroom wall with. Well, over the weekend I finally got around to it!

Pretty White Wallpaper With Pink Roses
I started by deep-cleaning the bedroom. I took down the ceiling fan, took out all the furniture, 
and cleaned everything from ceiling to floor. Then I wallpapered the north wall. It may have only 
been one wall, but, my! What a difference it made! It sure brightened things up!

Our North Bedroom Wall
The next thing I hope to do, is to keep my eyes open at garage sales and thrift stores for bedding. I'm
acquiring a real taste for sweet, simple and old-fashioned. My goal is to eventually have all white 
sheets, white pillowcases, and a white comforter. (Isn't that funny? When I was a child white sheets was all we
had. When I was a teenager and started working and making my own money I vowed that I 
would never again sleep on white sheets. I wanted 'color' and 'boldness' in my life. Well, now that I've 
had a lot of 'color' and 'boldness' in my life, now all I desire is tranquility and simplicity.)


  1. Oh, I love nothing more than white sheets... plain, crisp, white sheets. Lovely.
    Good for you for brightening up your room.... and for the deep clean first - bet that feels GREAT :)

  2. Lovely wallpaper!
    The room looks beautiful.

    White sheets can be so crisp and refreshing....i think they would sure be nice to have and to sleep with.

    Sweet summer blessings to you.
    God bless,


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