Friday, July 15, 2011

A Woman Of Passion

Back in 1999 my children put their money together and bought me a special Bible for Christmas. The Bible has been packed away for years and I had forgotten about it. Yesterday, as I was looking for something else, I found it! And it is just as beautiful as always!

The Bible is a special 'Woman Thou Art Loosed!' edition. Inside, every page is embellished with light lace corners, pink pages, pink roses, or pink 'Gospel Pearls'; the outside is enveloped in a thick, black cover with a magnetic closure, and it even has a shoulder strap that makes it look more like a purse than a Bible. On the flap there is a small embellishment...a beautiful, long-stemmed, golden, rose. So pretty! And very feminine!

Anyway, before going to bed last night (I'm keeping the Bible on the head of our bed from now on), I flipped it open and found the following article by T. D. Jakes. I thought it offered good advice and I wanted to share it here with you...

A Woman Of Passion
by T. D. Jakes

(Song of Solomon 7:10-12)

     Married women, Satan will try to rob you and your husband of the passion God created for you to enjoy. The enemy will try to callous your soft, supple flesh with stress and unforgiveness and leave you with a hard shell that imprisons a broken heart. He is afraid for you to love and give. There is a level of romance and chivalry in marriage that the Father meant for you to enjoy-not just sex, but sensitivity. More than obligation or performance,  I am talking to you about the return of passion.
     If you are not careful, life will cause you to leak. Your marriage will be dreained by the leaking passion and wilted excitement produced by hard times and struggle. Your mommyhood will try to rob you of your womanhood. Satan wants to leave you drab and aloff, hiding behind religious excuses rather than fighting your way out and being the wife and woman you were created to be.
     Perhaps you do not need to know this now. But someday when you feel a heavy depression about to descend upon what was once a vibrant love, you will need to turn to God as your Friend. When that day comes, you may suddenly realize that your husband is longing for the woman you used to be. Somewhere beneath your problems there is another woman screaming. “Let me out! I want to love and live.” This is the woman who has been trampled by low self-esteem and fear of rejection. She is the woman you were before. Remember her?
     She is soft and sensitive, fanciful and frilly. She is bright-eyed and full of mischief, creative and sensual. Your husband has been on a fast, waiting for her to step out of the freezer. If  ever there were a time you needed to stop suppressing her and let her loose, it is now.
     I can’t leave you lying in the bed of despair with your emotions dead, your passion subdued, your attitude cynical, your disposition critical. God says, “Arise.” You are about to have a resurrection. It will be so strong that your husband should feel it. Your children should feel it. From the prayer room to the bedroom, a loosed woman is free!


  1. The bible sounds gorgeous...and doubly precious because of who gave it :)

    I love the passage.... sometimes, amongst all our busy-ness and tiredness and worries and woes, we forget to be who our husband fell in love with way back before the tiredness and the worries. Think I'll go put some of that in practice ;)

  2. Ah it has been a while since i came over . And what a blesing your blog is. Hope you have a good day.


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