Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Praise - Day 14

Today I offer up a heart full of praise for the very special people that God has placed in my life...some for only a passing moment in time, others for a that season long or short, some for a lifetime, and some for all eternity. Some of those people I've never met. Some of them are so close that, without even meaning to, I take them for granted...imagining that they'll always be there. (God, forgive me for that. Help me to take notice to appreciate and enjoy them more while there's still time!) And still others of them are people that the Lord, in His gracious Sovereignty, has allowed into my life to share good times and hard with for a time, and now they're gone...either through death or a move...or maybe we've simply lost touch. Either way, it doesn't matter. I still hold them close to and dear in my heart and some of them I'm sure I'll see again! Either here, God willing, in this life, or, if not, in the life to come. Some of them I may not ever see again, but, for now, I'll treasure their memory while I can. For all the people that have passed in out of my life, and for those that remain, and for those that will be, I am thankful. For each has served (or is serving...or will serve) a purpose in my help shape me, moment by moment, into who I was, who I am, and who I will be. And praise God! He's not finished with me yet! Or you, either! <3

God bless all here!

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