Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days Of Praise - Day 29

On Day 29 of Lisa Jo's challenge, I am simply going to repost my friend, Robin's posts from the past few days. She has been battling cancer for several years now. Here's where she was Friday and where she's at today...

Robin's post from Friday...

"...we got my results back from my scans they weren't good. I have more spots on my liver and a spot in my lung. It doesn't look good but I have a God who holds me close and comforts me through times like this. He is good to me and even if He takes me home, I will still love and serve Him :) Thank-you for the love, prayer and support, it means so much to me! I love you, all!!!"

Robin's post from today...

"I love the Father!!! I just got a call from my Doc that they read the wrong scan...they compared my scan to the CT from Feb. not the one from June. So!! It looked like my cancer has grown but it has shrunk from the mass of an apple to the mass of one M&M!!!! I can't stop crying for joy!! The radiologist was shouting for joy, my doctors and nurses were shouting and crying....PRAISE GOD!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!"

Won't you join us as we rejoice over this awesome good report! And I reiterate Robin's words...PRAISE GOD!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! 

"O give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people."
(Psalm 105:1)  

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