Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Praise - Days 5 - 12

As Lisa Jo's challenge rolls on without me, I find myself dreadfully behind. I will not make excuse, but I will say that life has been full and, though I've not had much time to spend writing, when I have had time I simply have not had the mental or physical energy to do so. I have made a few notes though and here are a few of the praises that I have to share from the past week or so...

31 Days of Praise - Day 5

Day Five of Lisa Jo's challenge found me on the road with family. Our oldest son and his wife invited us to share a couple of days with them just kicking around Kansas City. Friday we ended up in Northeast KC. We visited Cascone's Grill, the City Market, and Corinthian Hall. Corinthian Hall has been home to the Kansas City Museum for decades and John and I both spent many happy hours there as children. It was good to go 'home' and visit such an old friend, but that wasn't the best part! The best part was getting to spend a few blessed hours with our youngest daughter and her husband as that's where we spent the night! That is what I praise God for most! An extra unexpected visit with my daughter. That usually only happens twice a year!

31 Days of Praise - Day 6

Day Six of the challenge found me still in Kansas City with family. After visiting a short time with our daughter and son-in-law in the morning, we took to the road and started working our way home. Our first stop was at Roma Bakery. After that it was on to the cemetery to find my husband's grandfather's grave. We knew which cemetery it was, but have never been able to find the grave. With a little help we found it this time. The stone was nearly covered over by tall grasses. My daughter-in-law and I cleared the weeds away and we were able to get pictures. I am thankful that after all these years we were able to find it. It meant a lot to my husband. After the cemetery we worked our way on down to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and took a quick run through the Plaza. After that it was time to scoot on down the highway and home. I am thankful for the getaway. I just wish it could have lasted longer. I am always so thankful to get an opportunity to get back home!

31 Days of Praise - Days 7 and 8

Here is where I praise God even in the hard things. Beginning even as early as late Saturday night, Sunday and Monday did not go well. They were full of stings and strife. Rules change, people hurt, and all is tears, frustration and anger. I am thankful for the prayers of one who is older late Sunday night, and the words of wisdom and practical advice given by one who is younger come Monday morning. Praise God for spirit-filled believers who come along side in that moment of need! It turned the tide of what could have been catastrophic to me.

31 Days of Praise - Day 9

Ah! A morning of perfection! A morning of perfection spent with a lovely group of homeschool mommies and their young children (several of them my own grandchildren) under blue skies and amid the gently swaying wildflowers and grasses of southwest Missouri's tall-grass prairie! I praise the Lord for those few hours of heaven on earth for it is there that I am truly in my element! It is those rare days that I long for and to actually get one is truly heaven-sent!

31 Days of Praise - Days 10 - 12

These days have been spent going back and forth getting son to and from work, running errands, getting things done around the place, and getting things marked off my long overdue to-be-done list. I am thankful for little successes...a clothesline restrung, a carpet shampooed, a bag of clothes delivered to the secondhand shop, pictures put on a flashdrive and delivered to a friend...all little things in and of themselves, but little things add up and for months...maybe even years...I've felt like I'm drowning in an overwhelming sea of to-dos that never get done. I am truly thankful for the little successes that have been achieved over the past few days and I pray that they continue.

Looking Forward To Tomorrow...

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