Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dollar-S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-Up-The-Food Project For January 2018 - Week #2 Update

Good Afternoon, Sweet Ladies!

We're two weeks into our Dollar S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-Up-The-Food Project for January 2018 and, while things aren't going quite as we expected them to, we're managing to stay pretty well on track with our original plan. 

One thing that we didn't expect was to be blessed with additional food items from several different sources (which isn't a bad thing at all!!!), but, even at that, I'm managing to work the items received into our current plan. For instance, one friend blessed us with a couple packages of Italian sausage and another gave me a bag of odds and ends out of a box of organic vegetables she had received. I just happened to have homemade pizza on the menu plan for the following evening. So, I threw one package of the Italian sausage in the freezer and cooked the other one up to go on the pizza. In addition, I added the fresh mushrooms, half onion, and half pepper out of the bag of organic vegetables. The plain cheese pizza that I had planned on making turned into a fully decked supreme without any additional cost. It was awesome! And, being as the pizza was fully-loaded and quite hardy (and in an attempt to stretch it out) I put the leftover slices in single-serve bags in the freezer and that one pizza is slated to do us for four meals instead of just one or two. Any non-perishable or frozen items that have come in will be passed along to others or be used by us after we get past the month of January and our current plan.

John and I went to the store again yesterday (this time to purchase a few fresh items and prepare for upcoming family gatherings and celebrations) and, I think, finished up everything we will need through the rest of the month. On this trip we spent $40.88 at Aldi's and $83.33 at Walmart, which, again, is more than I wanted to spend on food, but, with everything we've got coming up between now and the end of the month, that's not bad at all. And, other than the fresh items that we were low on, or out of, none of the other items will figure into regular meal planning for the month of's all good on that front! 😉

Another thing that we had planned on doing all along, but not necessarily right now at this moment, was to go in on some bison with a friend from work. Since we were low on meat anyway, we figured now was as good a time as any since we had already put back the cash for it, so we did. We picked up our meat this afternoon! And, once again, we were blessed as we ended up with more meat than expected for the same amount of $$$. Praise the Lord! And blessings on our friend!

I've pretty much managed to stay on-plan with my menu planning again this week (my weekly menus may be viewed in my weekly Happy Homemaking Monday posts). In fact, I don't think I've gotten off track at all, thus far. I am going to try to not go to the store again this month until the very end of the month when I take my friend and cousin to do their shopping. At that point I will go ahead and buy ahead for February, while staying on track through the 31st to finish out January's menu plans.

Well, Ladies, that's it for Week #2!

Until next time...

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