Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Thrifty Week - Post #8

Greetings! And welcome to "My Thrifty Week" - Post #8! 🙋 

It's been a very long time since I've written one (August 24, 2017!!!) 😳 so, some of this stuff happened a long time ago, but I will try to recap and catch myself up to the present. Of course, these are just the few things that I remembered to write down. I hope to keep better track this year and post in a more timely manner from here on out. here goes...

Back in late summer/early fall of 2017...

- Using Dollar General digital coupons I saved $4.25 on four items which equaled 33.07% of my total bill.

- We transferred the amount on our Walmart Savings Catcher to our Bluebird card and used it to purchase groceries. That resulted in $72.51 in FREE groceries at Walmart. 

- A free fan blade - Oh, this was GREAT! I had set our bedroom fan in the window to pull fresh air through the house one evening and it fell, breaking one of the blades completely off. My first reaction was to throw the whole thing in the trash, but something said, "No, don't! There's someone out there that has a fan that the motor has quit on, but the blades are good. You'll find it." I'm like, "Okay...we'll see." I kid you not!!! The very next day my son and I were headed up town. We go around the corner and up the street, and, there, sitting next to the edge of the road was a fan EXACTLY like ours. I stopped and told my son to jump out and grab that fan...that it was mine. He looked at me like I was crazy, but did as I asked. When I explained, he got the biggest kick out of it! When we got the fan home, sure enough! The motor was burned out on it, but the blades were perfect. We took both fans apart and exchanged blades and viola! I got a brand new fan out of the deal! LOL! 😄 Isn't God awesome??? 💓

- I found a winter shirt for my husband at a thrift store for $1.00

- I also found him a practically new desk in perfect condition for $5.00 at the same thrift store. You should have seen me trying to haul that thing home in the back of my car! What a circus!!! LOL! 😆

- We were blessed with several varieties of pasta (24 pounds worth!!!) 😲 What a blessing! (My husband goes through a LOT of pasta!!!) 🍝

- That same week we were also blessed with 200 pound of potatoes. We kept 20 pounds and shared the rest with friends and family. Most of what we kept I diced, blanched, and put in the freezer. They come in handy when we want a small amount of oven-roasted potatoes or something and they don't take long to cook.

After Christmas...

- I hit a few of the after-Christmas sales and stocked up on wrapping paper, bows, Christmas cards, and, even, a star for the top of one of my small Christmas trees - all at a 50 to 70% discount. We're set for Christmas 2018! 🎄

Thus far in 2018...

- Yesterday, I used a $10 Walmart gift card that I earned through Swagbucks in 2017 and, essentially, got two, beautiful packages of scrapbooking paper for FREE! I haven't messed with Swagbucks for awhile. Maybe I need to go check into them again and see what's happening! 😉

Well, Ladies, that's it for now. You all have a great day and feel free to inspire and encourage others by sharing your thrifty finds in the comment section below.

Until next time...

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