Thursday, July 12, 2018

30 Days of Summer - Post # 10 - Watermelon Know-How

Photo Credit - The Simple Farm
I love watermelon! 🍉

When I was a child I can remember our family getting those great big Black Diamond watermelons! Those things were HUGE!!! I've heard them described as 'the king' of the garden and have read that they can weigh up to 50 pounds a piece!!! Wow! 😲

Black Diamonds were so sweet and juicy! And, even though my mom didn't like it, I became quite an expert at spitting watermelon seeds! The problem is, I don't see too many Black Diamonds around anymore. (Actually...I don't see ANY!) 😞

Now days the only watermelons I can find are small, round, and seedless. They're definitely not the watermelons that my cousins and I enjoyed as children.

But...watermelon is watermelon, I suppose, and what we've got available is what we've are some tips for those of you, who like me, enjoy having watermelons around in the summertime...

🍉 When buying a watermelon, pick it up. Big or small a watermelon should be heavy for it's size.

🍉 Check for ripeness by looking for a buttery yellow underside. Avoid melons with soft spots or bruises. Depending on the variety, the color of the rind may vary from deep emerald green to grayish green to various shades of green with stripes.

🍉 Before buying a watermelon, give it a thump on its underbelly. Ripe watermelons have a deep hollow sound; under-ripe or over-ripe melons will sound dull.

🍉 Uncut watermelons can be kept at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.

🍉 Keep fresh-cut watermelon in an airtight container.

🍉 Don't chop watermelon too finely or it will lose it's texture and turn mushy.

🍉 Did you know that eating watermelon improves cardiovascular health, soothes the tummy, reduces blood pressure, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, treats kidney stones and acne, and cures constipation? Read more about the health benefits of watermelon, find fun ways to serve watermelon this summer, and get a free recipe for fresh fruit popsicles by clicking here.

🍉 How about trying watermelon s'mores? To find out more, click here

🍉 For a whole host of yummy watermelon recipes check out this page on

Until next time...

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they are! And Amber located some yesterday at one of the Amish markets north of us. I think we're going to make a special trip one day just to get one. That would be so awesome! <3

  2. I love watermelon although I do miss seeing "real" watermelons in the stores. Sometimes in August, they'll be there. The seedless ones do tend to be a bit tasteless sometimes. Going to have to try these tips next time I buy one. A little iffy on watermelon s'mores though ;)

    1. I hope we both can find a "real" watermelon before the summer is over, Jean! I agree on the watermelon s'mores! :D


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