Wednesday, July 11, 2018

30 Days of Summer - Post # 9 - Summer Birds - Jenny Wren Comes To Tea

Carolina Wren
For the past couple of summers we've watched a Carolina wren flit around our front porch, but we've never figured out where its nest was. 

I know that wrens often build their nests in strange and unusual places, so, in the spring, rather than throw away an old teakettle that had sprung a leak, I decided to hang it up out on the front porch. Due to its shininess I really didn't think that anyone would be interested in using it, but, in my heart, I hoped that Mrs. Wren would take notice.

Sure enough, a couple of weeks ago (technically it was the day BEFORE the first day of summer, but close enough...right?), the front porch was aflutter with activity. From my office window I could see, not one, but two, Carolina wrens going crazy out on the front porch! 

They would land on the chain of the porch swing, look up, then disappear out of view. After a while I went out to investigate to see if I could find out what they were doing. 

This is what I discovered...

Jenny Wren Sitting in the Opening of the Old Teakettle

Mrs. Wren was sitting in the opening of the old teakettle and she, along with the help of her mate, appeared to be building a nest in it.

Throughout the afternoon the flurry of activity continued outside my office window as Mr. and Mrs. Wren carried nest-building materials in, a beak-full at a time. I was so excited! 

Once the nest was built, the wrens disappeared. The next day the pair came around a couple of times. They appeared to be checking things out. They'd land on the chain of the porch swing, look up, look around, then off they'd go again. I wondered what they were up to. 

Upon doing a little research, I discovered that wrens typically build multiple nests before choosing THE one that will serve as home. 

A Carolina Wren Nest Built Inside the Old Teakettle
While, in the end, I'm a little sad that Mr. and Mrs. Wren did not choose the teakettle location as a suitable place for Jenny to lay her eggs and raise her brood, I'm thrilled that they noticed the teakettle at all and took it into consideration. 

A Carolina Wren Nest

Experts says that the typical song of a Carolina wren is a loud "tea-kettle, tea-kettle, tea-kettle!" repeated a number of times. I believe that is exactly what THIS Carolina wren says and I believe that it is exactly what she means! 😄

Until next time...

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  1. How fun! I didn't know that about wrens building multiple nests. Makes me feel better about the day I saw a sparrow edging in on what I thought was a wren nest. Maybe the little wrens had a true home somewhere else. Neat idea for the tea kettle as well :)

    1. I didn't know that about the multiple nests, either. I have an old hat in the garden shed. I think I'm going to offer it next year and see what happens. :)


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