Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - January 7, 2019

Greetings, Dear Ones! Happy First Monday of 2019!

How was your week and weekend?

Our week and weekend were great here! New Year's Eve was spent with our eldest daughter and her husband and children, and our next-to-the-oldest son and his daughters joined us for the evening. We played games and shared in an enjoyable evening of fun, food, and fellowship. At midnight we rang in the new year with fireworks. Well...with one. firework. actually. Our daughter shot one firework off outside her front door at midnight.😆 The whole evening was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it. 

New Year's Day was spent at home. A friend had given us a bushel of apples earlier in the season and I had shared well over half of them with others and we used what we could, but what was left was getting to the point that something had to be done with them and soon, so I turned what was left into applesauce. Ended up with a total of five pints. 


I got the refrigerator buddies done and mailed out on Tuesday.

Refrigerator Buddies
On Thursday I took grandson, Silas, out in celebration of his 11th birthday. I cannot believe how fast these grandchildren are growing up! 😲 

Grandson, Silas, on His 11th Birthday
I worked on Friday and Saturday. Then, it was church on Sunday morning and our annual cousin's soup and bread get-together in the evening. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting together with my boy cousins and their families! 💗

Okay...enough about last week! Let's get on into this week, shall we?

Today I am joining Sandra and the other ladies over at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom
for Happy Homemaker Monday. Please be sure to go over and check it out! 💗
Right now I am...

... finishing up breakfast and enjoying a cup of tea while working on this post.

Am thinking...

... about the day ahead and what all needs to be done before taking off.

On the breakfast plate...

... egg, sliced turkey, and cheese sandwich with a cup of hot tea

The weather...

... Rain overnight, cloudy, windy and 57 degrees at the moment, but we're supposed to be in sunshine and the mid-60's by this afternoon.

On my reading pile...

Am still right where I was...reading The Great Buffalo Hunt by Wayne Gard, and Dear Kitchen Saints - Letters from an Iowa Housewife by Connie Hultquist. Have also added Pioneer Girl  - The Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder to my pile. Have had it for a couple of years or so now, but am just now getting around to picking it up and reading it.

Pioneer Girl - The Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder
On the menu this week...

Monday - pasta, sauce, and meatballs (freezer)
Tuesday - leftover soup and rolls
Wednesday - leftover Guatemalan beans and rice
Thursday - 
breakfast for supper
Friday - broiled salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli
Saturday - homemade pizza (THM egg white and mozzerella crust)
Sunday - out

On my 'to-do' list...

Monday - Weekly "home blessing", do laundry, go on a "history date" with friends

Tuesday - Food inventory and menu plan, clean and organize the Van Gogh room
Wednesday T
ake down and pack away Christmas decorations (no...I still haven't got around to doing this yet); sort through and organize program boxes
Thursday - Run errands

Friday - Work
Saturday - Work
Sunday - Church in the morning; attend meeting in Lamar to hear Michael Franzese speak in the evening

In the craft basket...

More refrigerator buddies, recycled Christmas card project (if anyone has any old Christmas cards to share, please, contact me) and a child's tablecloth and napkin set.

Refrigerator Buddies
Looking forward to this week...

Working around the house and hearing Michael Franseze speak. 

Something interesting that I watched this week...

Little House on the Prairie - Season 2 Episode 19 "Centennial"

From the camera...

January 2nd Sunset
Scripture passage...

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a blessed and beautiful New Year, and I'll see you next week! Blessings!

Until next time,

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  1. I love Little House! Love those refrigerator buddies. We bought one at a craft show this year. Love your photo too. Have a nice week.

  2. I LOVE that your first week of 2019 was spent with do much family time! I also LOVE that your daughter shot off 1 firework - too cute - had me chuckling with how you wrote it. Have a WONDERFUL week.

  3. You need to put that from the camera photo in a frame! It's just beautiful. I was going to get with you about sending my Christmas cards but sadly, in one of those weird things, the little gray cat decided to "decorate" the cards in the basket with a hairball. Yuck! So much for this year's Christmas cards (including the photo ones of friends/family,ugh). Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. what do you do the bless the house? Home blessing really intrigued me. Do you do it on a certain day each week?
    In a still new to her home

  5. Good morning, Ladies! I'm sorry that I am responding so late. I am running behind on everything!

    Out My Window and Kristina - Thank you! The buddies ARE cute and functional as well!

    Tamy - Thanks! LOL! Yes, I'm glad someone got that (about how I wrote it)! LOL! :D

    Jean - Yes, that was a beautiful sunset for sure! And...oh no! That's too bad! Thanks for thinking of me anyway. I sure would have appreciated having them!

    LA - If you click on HOME BLESSING in my post it will take you to the list of homemaking chores I do each week. It sounds like a huge list, but my house is very small and it's just John and I, so, unless I'm deep cleaning, it generally only takes me two to three hours to do it all, plus laundry. If I'm doing bedding, too, the laundry can take up the better part of the day, but just in bits and pieces. I do my home blessing on Monday...unless there's something going on and then I will do it on Sunday afternoon or evening or save it for Tuesday. Sometimes, if time doesn't allow and things aren't too bad, I just do a condensed version of my original plan.

  6. I enjoyed my visit today.

    Your sunset photograph is beautiful, God paints the best pictures.

    Hope your week is going well.

  7. Thank you, Sarah! I'm so glad you stopped by! <3


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