Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My Autumn Bucket List 2018 - End of Season Update

As you can see, I'm running a bit late here. It is my intention to get all of my end-of-season and year-end bucket lists updated and finished (and my new ones published) over the next several days. I will start with this one...My Autumn Bucket List 2018 (which should have been done a month ago). 😣

Let me begin by saying that it was a really weird fall. First off, the temperatures went from 90 to 30 and it didn't look like we were going to have a fall at all. Then, we got a few, nice, fall-like days and, finally, some color, but, overall, it was not a normal fall at all and a lot of the things that we typically enjoy doing in the fall just didn't happen this year.

So, that being said, I will update the list in the following manner. Things that were accomplished will be crossed through like this and any notes that I want to add will be found in parenthesis and in bold type (like this)

Here goes...

Welcome Autumn 2018


1. Write my autumn bucket list
2. Enjoy a juicy, red apple
5. Celebrate autumn birthdays with the grandlittles

Grandson, T.J., and I Celebrating His 12th Birthday

Granddaughter, Mary, and I Celebrating Her 4th Birthday
6. Attend the 43rd Annual Missouri Town 1855 Arts, Crafts, and Music Festival with my cousin, Sara

(This event got rained out and cancelled, so didn't make it this year. Hopefully, next time.) 😞 

7. Pick up walnuts with the grandlittles
8. Enjoy donuts and fresh cider at the Louisburg Cider Mill

(This is a sort of kind of. We didn't actually enjoy donuts and cider AT the mill, but we did enjoy donuts and cider FROM the mill. I found Louisburg cider at the grocery store in El Dorado Springs, Missouri, so bought two gallons of it while I was there. Then, my lady boss was kind enough to bring me a half dozen (well...five) apple cider donuts from the mill when she visited there...so...I'm counting it!) 😆

9. Host a wiener roast

(We hosted a bonfire and we served wieners, but we didn't roast them. We did however roast wieners at our son and daughter-in-law's bonfire. So...does that count?)  😏 

10. Visit a corn maze
11. Add a new mum to my collection

I actually added two new mums this year, but this one is my favorite!

12. Lead a night hike out on the prairie

Nightfall Looms Large on the Prairie as Our Hike Comes to a End

13. Go on a hayride
14. Go squatchin' with my Aunt Bev
15. Visit a pumpkin patch
16. Hike a new trail
17. Complete the following programs at work:

       (A) Looking at Leaves (library program)

Looking At Leaves

       (B) Wild About Elk (homeschool program)

Wild About Elk
       (C) Bison (library program) 

Bison Coloring Pages Embellished With Real Bison Fur
       (D) Wild Cats (library program)

Wild Cats of Missouri Library Program

       (E) Wild Cats (homeschool program)

Miss Rain and Her Beautiful Multicolored Mountain Lion
18. Go camping with my husband
19. Make S'mores

(We got to make these at our son and daughter-in-law's bonfire. Yum!)

20. Pick up pecans in our backyard

(I'm not sure why, but there were no pecans this year. Am thinking that the squirrels might have stripped them from the trees early because there was a lot of squirrel activity in the backyard this year. Fortunately, we still have enough pecans from last year in the freezer to run us this year.)

21. Attend a CWC (concealed weapon class)

Me and My C and C Classmates

22. Make a pumpkin roll
23. Host a cousin's soup and bread night

(Didn't technically do this in the fall, but it has happened since, so I'm counting it! A good time was enjoyed by all.) 💗

24. Build a bonfire

The Family Gathered Around the Bonfire and Enjoyed Its Warmth

25. Aid in working the bison at work (preparing for Jubilee, annual vet checks, and public auction)

This Big Guy Was Getting His Annual Vet Check and He Was Not Happy About It

26. Get a pedicure
27. Harvest marigold seed
28. Carve a pumpkin
29. Make a batch of Pumpkin Streusel Muffins
30. Make a fairy jar

31. Bake a pumpkin pie
32. Visit friends at Pomme de Terre

(Didn't make it to Pomme de Terre to see their new house, but did get together with our friends from there a couple of times or more throughout the season. Always a lot of fun!) 💗

Crazy and Zany...That's Us! 😆

33. Complete a 1940's WWII Ration Challenge

(I'm totally giving up the idea of ever doing this one.)

34. Celebrate National Bison Day at Prairie State Park
35. Lead an impromptu hike on a very frosty morning and observe frost flowers in the field

Frost Flower @ Prairie State Park

36. Enjoy frost flowers in our own backyard

Frost Flower in Our Own Backyard

37. Move the wood pile from behind our garage
38. Complete the final unit in Bible college and graduate from Rhema

39. Celebrate Thanksgiving at our youngest daughter and son-in-law's new home

Our Daughter Always Sets a Lovely Holiday Table

40. Get blinds up on the south-facing windows

(I've had the blinds for ages and, finally, got around to trying to get them up, but discovered that I didn't have any brackets (come to find out they are sold separately), so...needless to say...I STILL don't have them up!) 😩

So...that's it for my Autumn 2018 end-of-season update. Did you make an autumn (or winter) bucket list? If so, I'd love to read it! Feel free to share the link to it in the comments below!

Until next time...

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  1. I think you accomplished quite a bit on your list especially considering the weird weather of last fall. And Congratulations on your graduation from bible college! At least, we're getting a real winter around here.

  2. Thanks, Jean! You have no idea how much I appreciate your friendship and faithfulness to this blog. Even when I'm feeling weak, all out of sorts, and behind in every direction, there you are on the sidelines cheering me on. THANK YOU! And thanks, too, for the congrats! It took four years, but it was well worth it. And, yes, YOU are getting a real winter, but down here, for the most part, we're still just in the wet and yucky. Send some of that snow down this way...would you please??? LOL! Hope you're having a great Wednesday! <3