Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Spotlight on Grandma's Postcards - Forget-Me-Nots

Last week I introduced you to my Grandmother Maudie and her vintage postcard collection; this week I want to start shining a spotlight on specific cards or themes within the collection.

Although there are more cards in my grandmother's collection than I could possibly share in one post that do this, this week I have selected cards that feature forget-me-not.

In the language of flowers forget-me-not represented true love and remembrance.

I don't ever recall seeing forget-me-not in person, but here is a photo of it that I ran across online. Look at how delicate and lovely it is! 

This postcard in my grandmother's collection particularly caught my eye...

While it's not outstandingly beautiful or anything, do you notice the writing in the bottom, left corner?

It says, "Greeting from gramma R A Stephenson. April the 5 is your birthday."

On the back it says, "This is for Maudie McCann. Many happy birthdays" and it is dated 1911.

Grandma Maudie was born in 1895. This card was given to her by her grandmother, Rebecca Ann Stephenson, on her 16th birthday. 

A quick side note for my children and grandchildren - 

Rebecca Ann Rankin was married to William Franklin Stephenson. This was Annie Lee Stephenson's parents. Annie Lee married James Monroe McCann and they are Maudie's parents. Grandma Maudie, of course, is Grandpa's (James C. Brown's) mother. Rebecca Ann Stephenson would have been my great-great grandmother...your third and fourth great-grandmother! Amazing! It's pretty cool to be able to see her handwriting...huh???

I love the postcards in my grandmother's collection...especially the ones that feature the forget-me-not. They're so pretty!

Here's another picture of the real delicate! So beautiful! And so incredibly blue! 

The forget-me-not...a symbol of true love and remembrance. A symbol that continues to reverberate throughout the generations!

Grandma Maudie

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