Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Spotlight on Grandma's Postcards - "Greetings From Fannie Sullivan"

Last week's post focused on a few of Grandma's postcards that featured forget-me-not...a popular flower at the time that signified true love and remembrance.

"Greetings from Fannie Sullivan"
This week I want to focus on one card in particular. It is a card from my grandmother's girlhood friend, Fannie Sullivan. 

As you can see, the postcard was postmarked on October 25, 1910 at 7:00 p.m.

At the time, Fannie Sullivan lived in Odessa, Missouri and my grandmother lived in McPherson, Kansas. My grandmother would have been 15 years old and, my guess is, that Fannie was about the same age. I remember Grandma talking about Fannie and, if memory serves me correctly, they went to school together at Odessa before my grandmother's family moved to McPherson.

The message is short and simple and it talks about things that are near and dear to a young girl's heart. 

Fannie says...

"Dear Maude - How are you? I am all OK. What do you think of my cards with my name on them? I went to school today. Have you got your new hat yet this winter? I have. I have been going to church every night. Answer soon. Fannie Sullivan"

I know that Grandma and Fannie were in touch throughout the years and there are many postcards from Fannie in Grandma's collection. Perhaps we will visit more of them at some point down the road.

Grandma's friendship with Fannie Sullivan was special. What childhood friends were special to you and how many of them have you maintained over the years?

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