Monday, September 16, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - September 16, 2019

Greetings, Dear Ones! HAPPY MONDAY! 💗 

I hope you all had a lovely week and weekend. Ours was busy and, for me, it went by in one big blur! I cannot believe how fast the weeks (months...years) are flying by. It's crazy! 😳

Friends through work joined us for supper Tuesday night and I couldn't resist setting a fall table. 

We had a fine supper then enjoyed music on the old Victrola.

My Grandmother's Victrola
The Victrola was given to my Grandma Maudie as a gift from her husband, my Grandpa Wiley. My dad cut his baby teeth on the foot of that Victrola (and, yes, the teeth marks are still there...I just got down on the floor to look) and my grandpa died when Dad was only three, so the Victrola was always one of Grandma's most treasured possessions. It still works and it's a lot of fun to open it up every now and again and listen to an old record or favorite of which is Jimmie Brown The Newsboy by The Carter Family.

Jimmie Brown The Newsboy
by The Carter Family
My dad's name was Jim Brown and, when I was little, and Grandma would play that record, I thought it was a song about my dad. 😆 

I worked Wednesday, worked on projects around the house on Thursday, worked Friday, Saturday, and in the afternoon on Sunday. 

Friday I presented a program on weaving in nature and our study focused on some of nature's most magnificent weavers...spiders 🕷 (and their webs, of course)! 🕸 The children really enjoyed getting out into the field and studying these creatures and their handiwork first hand and up close! 💗
A Spider In Its Web
One Of The Children Observing A Crab Spider Up Close
On Saturday I worked the Fall Rendezvous a the Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site. It was a lovely day and I got to participate in a 40-minute tour of the property, which was a lot of fun! 

My Bison Pieces and Parts Table
Near The Nathan Boone Cabin

Okay...I'm sure I've bored you enough with details about last week's events, so lets move on, shall we? Won't you join me as I link up with Sandra of Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and all the other lovely ladies that gather there on this week's Happy Homemaker Monday? 💗

Right now I am... 

... Finishing up lunch and enjoying an iced tea from Casey's as I work on this post.

On the breakfast plate...

... eggs, toast, and hot tea.

The weather...

... Right now it is 94 degrees with a heat index of 100. The next few days promise more of the same, then cooler with temps in the 80's. I will be so glad when fall weather arrives! 😩

... On my reading pile...

This week I finished And Jesus Healed Them All by Gloria Copeland; am still reading
 On The Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

On the menu this week...

Monday - Tomato lentil soup with rustic oat and wheat bread (freezer)
Tuesday - Homemade pizza
Wednesday - Pasta, sauce, meatballs, and homemade French bread (freezer)
Thursday - Ham and beans with cornbread (freezer)
Friday - Salmon patties, mashed butternut squash, and steamed broccoli
Saturday - Out
Sunday - Leftovers

On my 'to do' list...

- Monday - Figure mid-month budget, bank, HHM post, home blessing, laundry, plan the week ahead
- Tuesday - Wish our oldest granddaughter a Happy Birthday; work on projects around the house
- Wednesday - Work (Leaf Man Library Program)
- Thursday - Work (work Nevada, Missouri's 'History Day'); go to the grocery store
- Friday - Work
- Saturday - Enjoy a weekend off; attend Prairie Days (our town's annual fall festival); go to the parade in the evening, and have supper up town
- Sunday - Church

In the craft basket...

... still just trying to keep up with the temperature afghan. 

Last Week's Picture
(Will Try To Post A New One Next Week)
Looking forward to this week...

... having the weekend off!!! 😄

Something I enjoyed watching this week...

... this Gulf Frittilary butterfly fluttering around and sipping nectar from our zinnias. So pretty! 🦋

Gulf Frittilary Butterfly On Zinnia
Gulf Frittilary Butterfly On My Zinnia
From the camera...

...I discovered this fat, little fellow on the kiosk on the front door of the nature center where I work. He hangs around there quite often and is so cute! 🐸

A Gray Treefrog

Scripture passage...

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a blessed and beautiful week ahead! And I'll see you again next week! 💗

Until Next Time...

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  1. Absolutely loved this awesome post Rebecca!!!!!! Informative and colorful! JK

  2. Good evening I hope you had a wonderful evening! Your table setting was beautiful as is your blog! The victrola is amazing what a treasure to own! Prairie days sound so amazing! I truly hope you have a blessed week! Praying you do!

  3. Oh my, those temperatures but you brought fall into the house with your lovely table decorations. How wonderful to have the Victrola, what an heirloom. I know spider webs are beautiful works of nature but we have so many spiders here in Washington right now. September is definitely the Month of the Spider! Have a great week!

    1. I hear you, Pamela! I love to see people's reactions when, in the middle of a hike out on the tallgrass prairie, I inform them that it is estimated that there are approximately 2 1/2 million spiders per acre of grassland. LOL! On misty autumn mornings you can tell it, too! Every spider web sparkles like strings of diamonds! So beautiful! <3

  4. Your fall table is beautiful! Loved seeing all your photos and hearing about your week. Hope you enjoy your weekend off work.

    1. Thanks, Jean! I'm trying. There's always so much going on that it's hard to do. Hope your weekend plans didn't get rained out! <3

  5. What a gorgeous Victrola and with so many memories attached to it, just wonderful.

    Your Fall table looked beautiful, glad you all enjoyed your dinner.

    Have a wonderful blessed week.

  6. The table looks beautiful and I love the Victrola! My word, you have been so busy.

  7. Fall is just the best and I loved your Fall table! So lovely.
    And that victrola is amazing! What a beautiful piece of family history you get to treasure.
    And i love how you love nature. You have the best photos of it - even if I'm not a spider fan...I sure appreciate their abilities. God made all the critters, right? Lol
    Blessings on the rest of your week. 🙏 ❤️

    1. That's right, Carrie! He sure did! Here on the tallgrass prairie it is estimated that there are 2 1/2 million spiders per acre of grassland; at Prairie State Park we have 4,000 acres. Each spider eats at least one insect per day. Just think what would happen without them. We would be swimming in insects up to our eyeballs! LOL! Maybe knowing that will help you appreciate them a little more. :D Blessings, my friend! Hope you're having a great weekend! <3

  8. Sorry I'm running so late this week! I LOVE, LOVE your pictures and decorations! I'd send you some Fall if I could - so glad it's here! Have a GREAT weekend.

    1. It's okay, Threesides! I'm running even later! Thank for stopping in! I hope you're enjoying this last weekend of summer as we slide right on into fall! Blessings! <3


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