Thursday, September 5, 2019

Low-Spend September Update - Week #1

I'm happy to report that our low-spend September is off to a great start! 😄

Other than eating out on our way home from the family reunion Sunday evening, we've managed to stay on track with menu plans and our food is stretching further than originally planned. In fact, we might be able to turn our one-month plan into a two-month plan...which would be totally AWESOME!!!

I think one of the biggest problems that I have with food is, even after all our children are grown and married with families of their own (and have been for years) I still cannot adjust to cooking for two. 😞

With six children in the home (four of which were boys) I was used to making large amounts of food and, try as I might, not to, I still tend to make full and, sometimes, double batches of favorite recipes. I'm trying to remember that just John and I don't need that much prepared food on hand and am experimenting with halving recipes.

And, don't get me wrong, sometimes I don't mind having leftovers. Depending on what it is, we can use them for lunch the next day, have them again later in the week, or I can save them for work lunches, but, some stuff, is just too much...especially if its something that can't be frozen or doesn't last long enough to be used later. These are the types of recipes that I'm trying to remember to cut in half so we don't have to keep eating on them until we're sick of them. 🤮

We're only five days into September, but, technically, our plan has been in place since the last week in August, so we've been at this for almost two full weeks now. We've not noticed a huge difference in food depletion yet, but we have used up several things already that have been on hand for quite some time. We are well pleased with our progress thus far.

Does anyone out there have any tips to share on cooking for two...especially after raising a large family? If so, I'd love to hear them!

Until next time...

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