Friday, September 27, 2019

Low-Spend September - End Of Month Update

September has been a super busy month with a lot going on on all fronts and, as you can see, I've not been real good about keeping up with updates concerning this endeavor...but...I have to say, that, for the most part, it's gone well.

I have had to replenish fresh items (fruits, vegetables, and dairy) a couple of times this month, but have bought very little in the way of meats and grains. I think I bought one small roast that was on markdown (it's in the freezer and hasn't been cooked yet) and a package of fat-free turkey slices, cheese slices, and two loaves of bread for toast and sandwiches. 

A few things have come in from other sources, as well...tomatoes from the garden and fresh eggs from a friend, so that, of course, has added to the abundance and I have purchased a few seasonal items to be put back for use at autumn family get-togethers and such while I could find them (Louisburg Apple Cider, for example, and Bigalow's Pumpkin Spice Tea). 

Image result for louisburg cider

Other than that we continue to eat what's in the house (dried beans, whole grains, canned and frozen vegetables, ham, spoonbill, and other meats from the freezer, canned fish, and miscellaneous items found in the cabinet). 

I do plan on doing another food inventory next week to see where we're at at this point, but I imagine that this low-spend September will carry on well into October. 

I am extremely thankful for the abundant blessings, but feel somewhat guilty that we have so much food in the house for just the two of us. We do share our food with others every chance we get (expected and unexpected company, meals shared with family, friends, and neighbors, etc.) and I love having plenty on hand to share with others when they run into a pinch and find that they are out of something, but, still, sometimes the abundance is overwhelming. 

I guess that's really all I've got to share at this point, so I will move on and give another update if warranted after we move into October. 

Blessings for a great weekend and until next time...


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  1. Your doing a great job. I know that we should be eating from our pantry. Way too much stuff in it! I applaud your effort.

    1. Thanks, Debby! I appreciate you dropping by and leaving a comment. Thanks for the encouragement, as well! Blessings! <3


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