Monday, July 13, 2020

Home Management Monday - July 13, 2020

Good morning all!!!! It's Monday! 💗

How was your week and weekend? Our week was full, but good here! 

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Prairie Gentian

I worked on Monday; Tuesday was spent working around the house and running errands. Wednesday morning I took grandson, Isaiah, out for a belated birthday treat and on Thursday it was granddaughter, Audrey's, turn. 🥳

Grandson, Isaiah, and I
With the whole COVID thing going on I've not been taking the grands out for lunch for their birthdays like I had been. Instead, we've been running up to Casey's for a treat of their choice, then we go to the park or something and just hang out and visit together.

Granddaughter, Audrey, and I
Most of the grands have been perfectly content with this because they understand that it's more about the time we spend together than it is about where we go or how much money we spend. Some of our best memories are being made this way, because instead of focusing on how to entertain ourselves over a longer period of time, we are focusing on quality time together and good conversation. Plus, we purpose to make it fun and we choose to let it be enough for the season that we are in. 💗

Thursday evening we were invited to Audrey's birthday party (it was a tea party and, as you can see from the photo below, everything was absolutely lovely!) and Friday was spent shopping and running errands with my cousin. 

The Table Layout @ Audrey's Birthday Party Was Absolutely Lovely
I worked on Saturday and Papa and I enjoyed time, that evening, sitting with the grands. Sunday afternoon was spent catching up on things around the house. Then, John and I enjoyed a little-bit-longer-than-usual walk in the evening. 

Blazing Star Getting Ready to Burst Forth In a Colorful Display
 on the Tallgrass Prairies of Southwest Missouri
Prairie State Park - 7/11/20
Now, I'm ready to face the week ahead with all its ups, downs, joys, and challenges. I do have to be heading to work soon, though, so I guess I better get right on into this post. 😊

I awoke to...

... an early alarm and thoughts of the day and week ahead.

What I'm thinking...

... am thinking about and praying over extended family members that have lost a loved one and the many within our county and community that have tested positive for COVID-19.

What I'm thankful for...

... that, despite the many COVID cases that have been confirmed in our county and community, there have been zero hospitalizations and zero deaths. Praise God for His continued hand of mercy and protection!

On the breakfast plate...

... Fat-free turkey slices, Laughing Cow cheese, and an egg on toast with hot tea

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The weather...

... right now it's 68 degrees, but the high today is expected to be in the low-90's. After that highs in the upper-90's with more triple-digit heat indexes.

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Breakfast for supper
Tuesday - Chicken fajita tostadas
Wednesday - Half sandwiches, potato soup, and salad
Thursday - Butter and garlic pasta with salad and homemade French bread
Friday - Grilled salmon, 
oven-roasted baby carrots, and cheesy zucchini
Saturday - Turkey burgers and oven fries
Sunday - Leftovers

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Trumpet Vine

On my 'to do' list...

Monday - Finish this post, work
Tuesday - Work
Wednesday - Do the middle-of-the-month budget, go to the bank, run errands
Thursday - ?
Friday - Clean house, do laundry, host our WLMO movie night - Image of the Beast (A Thief in the Night III)
Saturday - ?
Sunday - Church

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Black-eyed Susans
On my reading pile...

Bible Prayer by Kenneth E. Hagin (Bible Study Course) and Night Sky With The Naked Eye by Bob King

From the camera...

An Armful of Kittens
Tiny Tom, Milo, Sanford, and JoJo
Scripture verse...

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest ...

Well, that's it for this week. I pray that each and every one of you have a great week ahead! Stay close to the Lord and stay in His Word!

Until next time...


  1. Aw, nothing beats an armful of kittens! Enjoyed reading your post. The tea party birthday looks so fun. I think I may need to borrow that idea for my birthday whenever December rolls around again. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks, Jean! The birthday party was fun and, yes, tea parties make for great birthday parties! Hope your week is going well, too! Blessings! <3


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