Monday, July 27, 2020

Master List and Menu Monday - July 27, 2020

Good morning, everyone! 

After a very long, but enjoyable week and weekend, here we are...back around to Monday again! How are you? 😊

Homemade Cannoli
Thursday evening's hike went well with thirteen people coming out to experience life on the tallgrass prairie at dusk. A few of them stuck around to view the night sky and observe the comet NEOWISE as it made it's closest approach to Earth some 64 million miles away. 

Neowise Over Prairie
Dorothy arrived Friday afternoon. She hadn't seen the comet yet, so we ended up back out there again Friday night. We walked the trail and enjoyed viewing the comet one last time before it fades away and vanishes for another 6,800 years. What an awesome and amazing thing to behold! ☄

Dorothy and I On The Trail At Prairie

For the past several years, Dorothy and I have gotten together for our birthdays in July (hers is in June and mine is in August). For our birthday treat this year, Dorothy wanted cannoli (photo above) and, although I normally only make it only at Christmastime, I was happy to oblige. We shared our luscious birthday treat with friends and family who dropped in over the weekend. 💗

Ohmygoodness! I just looked at the clock! I need to head to work soon, so I better get on with this post!

This week's master to-do list...

- clean house
- do laundry
- work 
- post a few blog posts
- read
- go for daily walks

- get together with my BFFF
- celebrate granddaughter, Mercy, on her 5th birthday

- figure the August 2020 budget

This Week's Menus...

We have a lot of food leftover from the weekend. I will freeze what I can and focus on using up what can't be frozen over the next few days.

Monday - Grilled salmon, leftover cheesy potatoes, corn, broccoli, and sliced tomatoes
Tuesday - Turkey burgers with grilled zucchini, corn, and fresh vegetables
Wednesday - Mexican chicken with brown rice, black beans, and fresh vegetables
Thursday - Breakfast for supper

Friday - Turkey dogs with sauerkraut and chips
Saturday - Tuna roll-ups and baked potatoes
Sunday - Leftovers

Well, Ladies, that's it for this time! I pray that all is well with you and yours and that you have a blessed week ahead!

Until next time...

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