Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Toss-Up Tuesday - I Don't Get It

I don't talk a lot about politics on this blog, but, today, I'm going to...because...well...I don't get it!

Over the weekend I was sitting in my own house, minding my own business. In fact, we had out-of-town company in for the weekend and we were busy visiting. 

I had two phone calls from two people that are totally and completely unconnected to each other in every sense of the word. I care about both of these people very much, but, neither see, nor hear, from either one of them on a regular basis and haven't at all since before the corona virus became a thing. 

Anyway...two calls...one Friday evening; the other first thing Saturday morning...and both telling me that they know how I am and what they think I should do. 

The first caller was much gentler in their delivery than the second, and it was done purely out of love and concern, but both called for the same reason...to see how we were doing and to tell me that they wear a mask and that they think I should wear one, too. Saturday's call was definitely much more intense. 

Saturday's caller told me that they know how I am...that I'm a Republican and, that "like everyone else in this area" everything I vote for is based on abortion. Now, that right there is funny, because I don't ever remember them being in the voting booth with me one time, but that's okay.

They told me that all Republican's care about is the rich and being wealthy. They told me that my husband has become so radical that they don't even want to talk to him and they told me that (even though they've not been around me at all since this whole COVID thing has started) that I am stupid for not wearing a mask and that I should be wearing one. 😷

Now, mind you, they called me and told me all of this from the comfort of their own home where they are in QUARANTINE because they are sick and have tested positive for COVID-19. 😳 

What started the whole thing on Saturday to begin with was, I had sent my friend a message to see how they were feeling, let them know that I was praying for them, and to see if there was anything that I could do to help them with while they were in quarantine. 😧 

Well, in my defense, let me say this...

# 1 - While it's true that I do vote Republican more often than not, I am not a Republican. I vote for whoever I think will do the best job. I have voted Republican, Democrat, and third party. I'm pretty sure that that makes me an Independent.

# 2 - I do not know what "everyone else" in the area does, but I, personally, do not vote for anything I vote for based on abortion. I vote for everything that I vote for based on how closely it lines up with the Word of God, because, in the end, that's the only thing that's going to matter anyway...whether people think so or not...and, yes, murder is wrong according to the Bible.

# 3 - I am neither for the rich, nor wealthy, so I have no idea what that's got to do with anything.

# 4 - Yes, it's true...my husband does tend to be radical, but he's no more radical than he's always been. Somehow, when he's radical about the things that people agree with that's okay, but, when he's not...well...I guess he no longer matters. Do you really think that bothers him? I can tell you...it doesn't.

# 5 - And, as for wearing a mask (and I clearly conveyed this to both callers)...if I had a reason to wear a mask or was visiting either one of them (the two that called me to ream me for not wearing one, or anyone else that has a compromised immune system, has health issues, or lives in fear) I would gladly wear a mask for their sake. 

As for myself, thus far, I have not been anywhere that has deemed it necessary to wear a mask and have not done so. Home and work...that's about it...and I'm getting very choosy about where I shop...so... So what? Who cares?

Like I told "my friend" on the phone Saturday...with abortion it's "my body, my choice"...right? (To which he replied, "Ought to be!!! Yes!!!")

Well, honey, it's a two-way street! If I can choose to have a living, growing, feeling, helpless little human being ripped from my womb against their will, I most definitely should be able to make the choice not to stick a mask on my face if I don't want to...especially when there's absolutely no need to!!!  After all, it is MY body and, therefore, it is MY choice!

What is WRONG with these people???

And, yes, I know before I even post this that it probably isn't a good idea and will probably open up a can of worms, but, you know what? I don't even care anymore. 

If they really want me to wear a mask, I think I'll wear this one.

Until next time...
~ Rebecca

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  1. Love the mask hope yas are doing good

    1. Thanks! We are doing GREAT! Hope you and yours are doing well, too. Blessings! <3

  2. Wow, excellent post! My husband is going to buy the Trump masks, and as for wearing them or not, I can't due to asthma. AND I have become very selective on where I shop.

    My husband is a chaplain and votes according to his morals/laurels. I am sorry you were put in that position ---some people just want to argue and not here the other side. Have a beautiful day and P.S. I loveeeeeeeeeee your background here. smiles

    1. Exactly!!! People with asthma and certain other issues CAN'T wear them and people who understand and recognize the realities of how immunology works don't want to wear them...and that should be okay. After all, this is still America...isn't it? Thanks for dropping in and taking time to comment, Linda. I do appreciate it. And, thanks! I'm glad to hear that you like background! Blessings for a great day! 💗

  3. Lol! I wanted to buy a mask like that too. So tired of it all.

    1. My youngest son picked that mask up for me and it was more for fun than anything else, but, at this rate, I have a feeling that it might just come in real handy after all! Lol! I'm tired of it all, too. Blessings, Kristina! Have a great day! 💗

  4. I agree! I have relatives that live in Los Angeles and St. Louis, they can not show any signs of supporting President Trump or they get protesters in their face and in their yard. It is scary.

    1. That's crazy! This is AMERICA! Land of the FREE! That's what's so beautiful about America...living in a place where we're free to CHOOSE what's best for us and our families without fear of oppression or repercussion AND having enough respect for others to let them do the same. It's so sad. I will be praying peace and safety over your relatives in LA and St. Louis and for all who are under the gun during this tumultuous time in our nation's history. Blessings!

  5. You go girl. There is always gonna be that "one" well, in your case two, that pitches a fit.
    I'm like you, alot of things are not making sense about this whole thing. My husband was out of town when this whole thing started. He followed all protocol and mask mandates at work and out in public for three months where he was working and he still got the virus. His symptoms were only loss taste and highly sensitive to smells. Never any fever. The numbers were rising in the plant where he was at too and they all followed protocol too. 🤔 so they suggested every one be tested.
    He went ahead and came home because they were closing the plant and sent then home. He got his results back two days after being home and said he was positive and we had to quarantine for 14 days. Me nor or teenage son got anything and I have a compromised immune system. Go figure.
    I cant hardly wear a mask because I hyperventilate if I breathe my own air. I also have shortness of breath and that doesnt help. If there are places that require them, I either dont go there or I take it off and on so I can calm down. Its allan big mess to me and there is so much information out there wether it's true or false. I'm glad we can research for ourselves and decifer and come to our own conclusions about things. Not everyone is going to have the same convictions.

    1. Amen, Tracy! Thank you for sharing your story and, yes, you're right! There's a whole lot about this that doesn't make sense at all! Am lifting you and your family before the Lord and am praising Him for His protection. God bless you and thank you for taking time to comment. I appreciate it! <3

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you, Melissa! God bless you, my friend! <3


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