Sunday, December 20, 2020

Fall Bucket List 2020 Update

Today is the last full day of Fall 2020 and I can't believe that the season has already come and gone. It fairly flew by and I didn't get to nearly as many things on my list as I would like to have, but since it's been a weird year all the way around, I'm not going to worry about it. I'm just going to be happy with the memories made and  move on from where I'm at. 

I did get some lovely photos throughout the season, so I will be disbursing some of those throughout this post and any notes or comments about specific items will follow in italics and parenthesis.

My Autumn Bucket List 2020

1. Write my autumn bucket list
2. Plan my autumn menus (this will be done weekly through my Master List and Menu Plan Monday posts) 
3. Celebrate autumn birthdays with the grandlittles 🎂

(We didn't handle birthdays this year like we normally do. We did continue to give cards with $$$ in them, but, with all the stuff surrounding COVID, I chose not to take the grandchildren out for lunch this year. Instead, I just took the ones that wanted to up to Casey's to get a treat, then to the park to sit and visit one-on-one for awhile. The oldest and I did meet for breakfast at the local café and, for the ones that live further out, Papa and I just picked up treats at Casey's and went out to their place to visit. Most of the grandchildren were happy enough with this arrangement. It looks like this trend will carry on over into 2021.)

4. Make a batch of Mini Baked Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts ðŸ©
5. Make caramel apples 🍎
6. Do fall crafts with the grandlittles 🍂
7. Enjoy a cup of Louisburg Cider
9. Host or attend a wiener roast 🌭

10. Visit a corn maze 🌽
11. Add a new mum to my collection 
12. Enjoy a juicy, red apple 🍎

13. Observe the autumnal nighttime sky ⭐🌠🌟

14. Bake a batch of Spiced Walnut Scones 
15. Visit a pumpkin patch 

16. Enjoy a walk in the woods 🍁

17. Get some new fall-scented liquid hand soaps and hand sanitizers 
18. Enjoy a cup of pumpkin spice tea 
19. Try an autumn tea flavor that I've never tasted before
20. Enjoy an autumnal full moon (Corn Moon - September 2nd, Harvest Moon - October 1st,  - Blue Moon - October 31st, and Beaver Moon - November 30th) 🌕

21. Set up a hot beverage area for autumn hospitality
22. Make a pumpkin roll 
23. Log at least 30 new geocaches 🧭
24. Build a bonfire 🔥

25. Aid in working the bison at work (annual vet checks and public auction) ðŸƒ
26. Watch falling leaves 🍁🍂🍁

27. Light an autumn-scented candle 🔥
28. Listen to the honking of geese as they fly high overhea

29. Observe, sketch, photograph, or note at least a dozen new or interesting things found in nature 🍄🐾🍁

(Including Mississippi kites and a ferruginous hawk!)

30. Visit a wetlands area
31. Visit Fort Osage 
32. Go on a hayride 
33. Enjoy a cool and rainy day ☔
34. Carve a pumpkin ðŸŽƒ
35. Make a batch of Pumpkin Streusel Muffins ðŸ§
36. Observe a flock of migrating birds

37. Bake a pumpkin pie 
38. Go to the lake for a weekend getaway 


39. Make pumpkin butter
40. Watch To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck (an annual fall favorite) 🎥
41. Lead an impromptu frost flower hike to observe frost flowers in the field 🥾

(Sadly, due to COVID all programs were cancelled this fall, including my annual frost flower hike. That didn't stop the frost flowers though!)

42. Take at least 750,000 steps 🦶
43. Walk 100 miles 👟
44. Lose 10 pounds over the course of the season
45. Vote in the upcoming presidential election 💓☆💙
46. Celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends 🦃
47. Weatherize our home before cold weather arrives
48. Have the propane tank filled 
49. Clean up the yard (cut trees, trim bushes, put the garden to bed, etc.) 
50. Do a winter food and supply stock-up 🥫

That's it for me. How about you? How was Autumn 2020 for you and yours?

Until next time...

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