Thursday, June 23, 2022

In the Garden

A long, cool, and rainy season made it nearly impossible to get into the garden this spring. As a result, the grass was so high that I could hardly locate the vegetable plants that weren't much bigger than they were when I planted them. I had all but given up on the idea of having a garden this year. 

Then, all of sudden, here we are. Summer has arrived and, with it, plenty of heat and sunshine. The garden has dried out considerably and some of the plants appear to be growing. Maybe there is hope yet!

A couple of days ago I made up my mind to get out there and take control of it. I weed-eated down to the dirt as much as I could and am plowing up dirt around the plants with my cordless garden tiller as I have time. I've only got one battery for the thing, so I work in spurts, but, little-by-little, I'm making progress. 

After drowning out, there were less than a dozen corn plants left standing. They were about 15-inches tall and had already flowered out without a single ear of corn on any of them; only a handful of beans came up, and they weren't putting anything on either, so I just weed-eated them all down. 

The zucchini, pumpkin, and other squashes seem to be doing a little better. They are blooming out nicely and a few have tiny fruits on them. The zucchini pictured below in only about 2-inches long. 

I harvested the green onions over the weekend, but have a few sets left, so will replant using what I've got. If I can come up with seed I will try replanting corn and green beans and see if I can't do a little better with a fall garden. 

I thought I only had two surviving pepper plants, but in the process of de-weeding, I discovered that there are three. There are a few healthy tomato plants, but most are tiny, weak, and scraggly. I'm hoping that, with the heat, the majority of them will snap out of it and produce enough tomatoes to can this summer. 

I have zinnias planted along the north side of the garden and they're starting to bloom. Monday night Tony helped me lay landscape fabric and put up a little fence along the outside edge in the middle. I'm hoping to border the north side of the garden and all of my flower beds with a layer of mulch to help cut down on the weeds.

I weeded the herb wheel and discovered that the thyme and rosemary didn't make it, but the eucalyptus, chives, and basil are all doing very well. I thought the sage was gone, too, but it looks to have pulled through after all and I think it's going to be okay.

Well, that's what's going on in my garden at the moment. What's going on in yours?

Until next time...

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