Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Summer Bucket List 2022

Summer is still my least favorite of the four seasons, but, thanks to my summer-lovin' friend, Jean, I've learned to live with the heat and humidity and actually enjoy certain aspects of summer in Missouri to a great extent.

While looking over my calendar, I've come up with a list of things that I'd like to do this summer, and possibly accomplish, over the course of it. In reality, I probably won't get to all of them, but having a list will certainly help me to keep my focus and encourage me to keep pressing forward even on the hottest and sweatiest of summer days. 

Purple Coneflowers
" see and know of your own selves
that summer is now nigh at hand." 
(Luke 21:30)

1. Write my summer bucket list
2. Plan my summer menus (these will be posted weekly in my 'Master List and Menu Plan Monday' posts)
3. Celebrate summer birthdays with the grandlittles (there are a bunch of them!) 👧🎂👦
4. Lead a wildflower hike at Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site 🌼
5. Celebrate Independence Day 💖☆💙
7. Eat watermelon 🍉
8. Welcome another new granddaughter into the family 👶
9. Observe a full moon (July 13 - Buck Moon, August 11 - Sturgeon Moon, September 10 - Harvest Moon) 🌕
10. Make red, white, and blue jello 💖☆💙
11. Make homemade ice cream 🍨
12. Catch a lightening bug 🐛 
13. Enjoy the Perseid meteor shower ⭐🌠🌟
14. Celebrate my 61st birthday 🎂
15. Go visit some of my husband and I's old haunts in the Kansas City area 🏙
16. Explore some area Route 66 sites 
17. Go stargazing 🌟
18. Grill burgers on the grill 🍔
19. Go geocaching 🧭
20. Play in cool water on a hot day 🤽
21. Go camping ⛺
22. Visit a state park that I've never been to before
23. Enjoy fresh produce and herbs out of my garden 🍅
24. Attend a free summer movie @ the Plaza Theater in Lamar 🎥
25. Enjoy a banana split 🍌
26. Attend a Kansas City Royals baseball game ⚾
27. Photograph, journal, and record new-to-me nature finds 🐍
28. Enjoy a summer storm ⛈
29. Hike a new trail 🥾
30. Enjoy a campfire 🔥
31. Lead at evening hike at Prairie State Park 🌜
32. Collect, tumble, and polish rocks and gemstones 💎
33. Preserve what I can of the summer bounty 🌽
34. Cut flowers fresh from the garden and make a bouquet 🎕
35. Visit Red Oak II @ Carthage, Missouri
36. Work Hug-A-Herp Day at Prairie State Park 🐢
37. Get an eye exam and new glasses 👀
38. Get past the one-year anniversary of my husband's death 💔
39. Go to the family reunion on my dad's side
40. Attend Corey and Heather's (oldest granddaughter) wedding 👨👩

That's what's on my summer bucket list. What's on yours?

Until next time...

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  1. You always have the best seasonal bucket lists! Maybe I'll get around to making a summer one soon. Are you going to view the planets in alignment this week (I think Friday is the best day?)? Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Thanks, Jean! I'll be looking forward to reading yours! And, yes, I hope to. The planetary alignment is on my to-do list. I'll just have to set an alarm to get up super early to see it. Hope you're having a great week, too! Thanks for stopping in! :)


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