Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clothing Bargains

The other day a friend invited me out to lunch. While we were out we needed to pick up a few grocery items and my friend needed to get the oil in her vehicle changed. Since the oil-change was going to take awhile, we decided to just take our time and look around. Rarely do I buy new clothes, and, probably wouldn't even noticed it if my friend hadn't spotted it first and pointed it out, but there was a whole rack of clearance clothes right up front. I got SEVEN brand new long-sleeved shirts and sweaters (regularly priced $7.00 to $14.00 each)...three of them being Danskin, reversible hoodies...for just $3.00 each! What a blessing it was to get so many new pieces of clothing for such a tiny price! I love finding bargains like that!

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  1. What fun colors they are! It shouldn't be too difficult to feel cheerful in these! Congrats on your thrifty find. :) I went to local thrift store today and didn't see any clothing (though, in truth, we are purging clothes right now) but did make some neat finds. Hoping to get a post up after a bit with pics! Have lots of fun with your pretty new shirts.



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