Thursday, March 17, 2011

More St. Patrick's Day Silliness At The Knox's

For several years now our son-in-law, Phillip, and I have played an on-going game of 'Hide the Leprechaun' over the course of his and our daughter, Amanda's annual St. Patrick's Day visit. For the duration of the visit we take turns, first one, then the other, hiding this little resin leprechaun that I picked up at the Dollar store, then we give each other clues in the form of rhymes and poetry that leads to the discovery of the hiding place. The game continues on until it's time for Amanda and Phillip to leave, and it always ends with Phillip hiding the leprechaun for the final time and calling me with a clue after he's well on his way home. It's silly, I know, but we both look forward to it with great anticipation every year (as does everyone else in the house), but, this year, Phillip outdid himself completely when he, not only came prepared to play the game, but brought along a few little surprises to add to the fun. Over the course of the visit, not only did I find Knox (the name that Phillip has officially deemed our leprechaun), but I found one of his new little friends, Broggie, a beautiful shamrock for my wall, AND my very own pot of gold! Wow! And, on top of all that, Phillip wrote and illustrated an awesome little book for me that tells the story of our own little leprechaun, the history of his people, and how we came to obtain him. It's really cute and he intends to add to it year after year. Like I said...silly? Yes! But fun? Definitely!!!

This is our very own Knox...the original leprechaun.

Knox's new little friend, Broggie.

This is the book that Phillip wrote and illustrated for me. It is so cute!
Isn't this wall plaque beautiful? 
My very own 'pot o' gold'!
The annual  green carnation.

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