Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Time For The "Savin' O' The Green" Over At 'Living-On-A-Dime'

Dear Friends,

With the current economic conditions many of us are having more difficulty making the money we have cover all of our expenses. The good news is that there are hundreds of ways that you can reduce the strain on your budget and save money so you can keep more of that money for the things that are really important to you.

Our friends at Living On A Dime have made a great offer available to our readers this week only! With the rise in the price of groceries, they are offering our readers a "Savin' O' The Green" special, a helpful series of e-books including the Grocery Shopping on a Budget e-book set and the Menus On A Dime e-book set along with 5 great bonus items to help you stretch your grocery budget. The best news is that this week you can get this Savin' O The Green 15 e-book package for $17, a 73% discount off of the regular price
of $63.70 for these e-books!

You'll be amazed how easy it is to trim your grocery bill! To go take advantage of this special offer right now, go to

The e-books that are included in this offer are:

Grocery Shopping On A Budget e-book
Money Saving Meats e-book
Saving On Cleaning Supplies e-book
Eating Healthy On A Budget e-booklet
Is Eating Out Eating You Up? e-book
224 Meals In A Hurry e-book
Grocery Savings e-book
Menus That Make Cents e-book
Plan Ahead Leftovers e-book
Quick Dinners e-book
Menus On A Dime e-book
Kids Recipes e-book
Crockpot Recipes e-book
Quick And Easy Cooking e-book
Blue Ribbon Recipes e-book

Get your grocery budget under control today! For more information
on this exciting offer, visit

~Rebecca Knox

P.S. This special has been extended! Prices good through March 31st!!!

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