Friday, March 4, 2011

Good FRIDAY Morning!

Good morning, dear friends! I pray that this post finds you healthy, happy, and serving the Lord with gladness!

What a busy week this has been! I have so many things on my heart and mind that I want to share with you, but, thus far, it just isn't happening. I am praying that the Lord opens up a window of time soon (perhaps over the weekend?) that will allow me a few precious hours to just come in here, open up my heart, share, and fellowship with you. What a blessing that would be!

In the's something to think about and consider...

Last night while I was doing my devotional, I was reading Nancy Campbell's '100 Days of Blessings' and I came across this:

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies says...

"Recently a book was published by a radical feminist and published by Beacon Press, which promotes homosexuality and anti-Christian dogma. The author wrote this book to expose Biblical patriarchy and fruitful motherhood. In this book she states that the parents who embrace children are a "a movement we ignore at our peril." In a message to Barrack Obama, she writes, "Fearless Leader - forget the fundamentalists in Iraq; these prolific Christians are the real bad guys!" In other words, fruitful mothers, embracing the children God wants them to have are dangerous! They scare the feminists!

The enemy, who hates life, who comes "to rob, kill and destroy" is scared of the godly seed! Mothers who are not deceived by the delusions of Satan, the robber of life, and who still believe in God's very first mandate to mankind are dangerous people! Isn't that exciting? You may think you are insignificant as you care for your children in your home each day, but mother, lift up your eyes! You are doing a powerful work. You are doing God's work. You are dangerous to the enemy. He is scared of you, because he is scared of the godly seed coming into this world that will hate evil and love righteousness, who will destroy the works of the devil and who will lift up the name of  Jesus. And those who walk in deception and follow the devil's ways are scared of you too!"

Isn't that interesting? My question to you is this: have you ever truly thought of yourself as "dangerous"? Are you dangerous? Are you one of those mothers who have devoted your life to raising up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? Are you raising up godly seed unto the Lord...mighty warriors who will impact the world for Him?

If you're one of those beautiful, precious mothers and you're feeling like less than who you are...who God made you to be...then you need to take a step back and see yourself for who and what you are...and that, my dear, is dangerous...dangerous to the kingdom of Satan and dangerous to the powers of darkness!  Embrace your position and walk in it!

Well, that's all have time for right now. You all have a beautiful Friday and a lovely weekend! Hopefully, I'll find opportunity to be back with you soon and share all (or some of all) that is on my heart and mind. Take care and God bless!

All My Love,

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