Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Create Your Own 'Nutmeg Notes Kitchen Scrapbook' by Sandy Willoughby

Every once in awhile a post comes along that really sticks in my head...something that I've read that others have written about that sparks an idea of something that I would like to try or incorporate into my own life...something I want to learn how to do...or, in this case, something I want to make one day. 

This is a post that was first posted by my friend, Sandy, several years ago on her Nutmeg Notes site. Creating a 'Nutmeg Notes Kitchen Scrapbook' is something that I would someday like to create for myself, as well as one for each of my daughters and daughters-in-law.

I hope you enjoy reading Sandy's post as much as I did...

Dear Creative Ones by God's grace and gifts,

Have you ever been in awe over what goes on in a kitchen and/or dining room? There are so many things that transform from one fairly plain and simple "something" to a dish that feeds a family, a soup that soothes a weary soul, or a beverage that comforts with the warmth it gives.

Over the years, the Lord has just given me... as I've heard the same of with others...recipe after recipe thrown together that became instant favorites. He has shown me grand meals from a needy pantry, given me grace to offer a chair to a tired friend, relative, and stranger, and provided what I've needed to serve not only beverages and meals but hospitality and hope.

In an effort to preserve some of these recipes, sentimental moments, ideas, and creative gifts from God over the years, I have started many little kitchen notebooks. There have been notes jotted in spiral notebooks, papers punched and placed in three ring binders, folders filled until they became so stuffed I couldn't keep up with them, and more.

I finally think I know the best way to preserve these! I can make a Nutmeg Notes Scrapbook! I had already decided to change my Home Notes Journal into a scrap book and realized that one specifically for the kitchen and dining would be a great addition:)

It has dawned on me that not only would these books be a wonderful way to hand our family blessings down the line and for enjoyment by us as the years go by... but this might serve many a need in the long run. When someone asked: "Whatever happened to that recipe for.... ?" maybe it will be in one of those pages! If we are trying to remember the circumstances around a time God sent someone to our table over coffee that served like an angel... maybe they'll have been journaled right in our little (or huge) book!

(To finish reading Sandy's article, please, click HERE....)

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